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Ccreate gorgeous flash movies & slideshows for your website quickly and easily - without any programming - with toufee's flash maker.

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Extremely Easy
No programming or flash knowledge
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Browser Based
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No messy downloads or installation
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  Why use Toufee?
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  Why choose Toufee?
flash websites - Stand out from the crowd in effectively delivering your product pitches and messages interactively with flash movies. Plus, supercharge your traffic by posting your Toufee movies on video sharing sites like YouTube - which are a great source of traffic and can instantly help you reach a huge target audience ( Samples )
digital storytelling - Toufee is a great tool for digital storytelling because it gives you the ability to have interactive content like images, animations, sounds and videos using which you can greatly condense a story into a matter of few slides that otherwise would take pages to write about.
( Samples )
flash banners - flash banners are soon replacing traditional image-based ads to become the de facto standard in online advertising. With Toufee, you can create flash banners in less than a minute like this! ( Samples )
flash intros - Toufee can be a great tool to make your own animated greeting. Or if you have band, wont it be cool if you can add a bit of glamour to your videos? You can add an intro section, subtitle your song with Toufee or create your whole site in flash with Toufee. ( Samples )
flash music bands - With Toufee flash movies, your band’s Facebook profile page is never the same. You can use Toufee flash movie maker to create flash videos that run promotional campaigns on your latest song, run an interactive flash movie quiz about your band, create teaser flash movie presentations about your upcoming projects, add flash intro effects to your song video and more! ( Samples )
inspirational flash movies - Toufee is ideal for creating inspirational flash movies. Your flash presentation can act as a goodwill campaign to spread a social cause - your Toufee movie can be on Tsunami victims, child malnutrition in Africa, or something like some of our awesome users have done here. ( Samples )
Get Started Instantly - No learning curves here because mostly everything in Toufee is done via drag-n-drop. Use our hundreds of pre-made-ready-to-be-applied flash effects and transitions to give the professional flash designers a run for their money. What took days to do in flash now can be done with the click of a mouse in Toufee!
Fast flash movie maker - Your toufee accounts comes bundled with over 127 Effects, 75 Transitions, 23 Filters that you can instantly apply to your flash movie in a single click! You can even mix-n-match our effects and transitions to create your own "custom presets" and create dazzling flash animations in a jiffy!
Import from Flickr, YouTube, etc - Import media from over 20+ online services like Flickr™, Google™, YouTube™, Metacafe™, etc to use in your flash movies. Need a picture of lightbulb but can't find any? Search our repository of over 5000+ stock photos, sounds and videos and use it in your Toufee flash movie for free!
Support For YouTube – Toufee is the only flash Maker that supports YouTube! Using the just released YouTube API, Toufee flash movies can now be uploaded to YouTube directly! This makes it a perfect way for uses to sell their business and showcase their creations on This is the perfect launchpad for showing off movies to a huge audience!
Standalone SWFs – Some people prefer to view their creations offline (like on a DVD or a presentation where there is no internet). With Toufee you can download your flash movies as SWF files directly to your PC. This allows you to use your flash movies in business websites, corporate presentations, custom courseware and even upload to third-party websites.
Over 175+ Other Features - There are lot of other features like text-to-speech, history management, guided tutorials, etc that we’re leaving out here for the sake of brevity. But you can read more details about them in our site’s Wiki.
Save Time with Toufee - The traditional approach to flash movie making has been to use complicated desktop software which are difficult to learn and require advanced programming skills. Toufee on the other hand requires absolutely no technical skills, and its so simple to use that you can get started instantly!
Save Money with Toufee - desktop software are costly (e.g. flash CS3 costs over $700!) because of overheads like packaging, training, support, & distribution. Toufee costs only a tiny fraction of this because being an online software we don't incur any such overhead costs and so we can pass all these saving benefits directly to You!
Save Work with Toufee - after spending hundreds of dollars on software you have to spend more on designers. And often times to you are displeased with the final product because the designer just couldn't "get it". Say bye-bye to all those troubles because with Toufee you can now create your own flash movies in less than 2-3 minutes and don't need to spend time or money training designers!
It's Fun! - If you're a creative soul then you'll have a lot of fun using Toufee! Why? Because now you get to spend all of your time focusing on the important design part rather than worrying about the technical nitty-gritty of flash. "We believe that its so addictive that some of our members are making flash movies just because now they can! How else can you explain the fact we have over one million+ Toufee flash movies submitted to our gallery?
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Hot out of Toufee's Blog!
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Hello everyone,

Firstly, a happy Easter to all. There has been query many a times from customers as to the difference between the Flash Banner Creator flash app and the Flash Slideshow Maker flash app. Both these flash apps look identical in the way they work and the options they provide. It is true that is very little functional or visual differences between the two. Our development team is working to make improvements to these Flash Apps to make they largely unique. As a small step forward, we've added new Transition Effects to the Flash Banner Creator Flash App. The new effects are namely - TileFlip, CarWipe, Mosaic and Random. These effects are unique on their own and should lend better impact to your Flash Banner flash apps, specifically Mosaic and TileFlip that should be very suited to banner transitions.
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Flash Pan/Zoom is an effective tool that can help showcase products, let customers do a quick drag and zoom preview and provide multiple viewing options to see and feel the product better. I'd like to discuss quick tips to produce effective Pan/Zoom flash movies that can be an effective value add to your product gallery.

The first requirement is to have a high resolution image of your product. This lets customers zoom and/or pan the image to explore better. I'll start with a 800x635 image of a jewel (its not the ideal resolution but I didn't get a better royalty-free image).? The first task is to set the flash canvas area to half the size? of the original image. The rule is necessarily not half the original, you can try 2/3 if you to start with a better sized-image. It all depends on your image resolution and how much zoom you wish to allow. The reason for a high-resolution (or a very high resolution) is two things - firstly, you don't want to allow customers to zoom beyond its original size (otherwise the zoom will grain your image). Secondly, as already indicated, you'd want customers to allow enough zoom and pan to explore the product.
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A happy new year to all. This is the first post this 2013 and here is a tip that comes straight out from a query asked by one of our customers. The query was how to create thumbnails for a Slideshow flash movie. The fact is, this option is not available in the Flash Slideshow Maker. However, the Flash Banner Creator does have this option. Here is where you find it.
In the main Flash Banner Creator settings panel on the left, expand Navigation Bar. In the dropdown list, select Filmstrip option.

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There is a need when you have to create multiple versions of the same project. And you don't see a "copy" option to simply create a copy - what do you do? Sometimes, you're short of time and you end of redoing the same flash project, all over again. Gosh, that really sucks. Okay, here is somewhat better way to make life easy. Just pop in a support ticket mentioning the name of the project and the number of copies you'd like to create and we'd be happy to do so. I do however understand that it may not work when you're short of time, but we'd get this arranged in less than a business day if that ETA would work for you.

I know you're asking as to why not have the option on the Members Area. We heard it and it will be available soon in the next release.
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If you had ever downloaded? your flash movie that has a background music attached, as a FLV or a AVI video file, you'd have noticed that the audio is out of sync with the video. When the rendering engine converts the raw Flex flash movie to a video file, there always seems to be a differential delay in matching the video to the audio track. The differential delay is caused by various factors such as the current load on the server, pending requests, etc. We are still trying to figure out how to normalize the delay factor so that audio mismatch effectively be nullified.? However, a workaround to the problem, though a bit lengthy, is this:

1) Remove the sound track from the flash movie. The following KB article provides instructions:
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Flash Carousel is an effective flash tool when you have to showcase items interactively, for example,? a flash movie? intro of latest collections in an online gift shop, a slideshow of kitchenware items, a cool list of masterpieces in your art gallery or simply the best photos in your photography site. Whatever the application, a Flash 3D Carousel looks cool when its on your website and is an effective tool to showcase products.

In this blog, I'll try to address the basic elements of a 3D Carousel that could turn a flash Carousel into a great looking flash movie.
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Some users may have noted that for some videos that they upload into the Flash Builder, they're greeted with a "Video is processing" message. The problem was that users find the message continues to persists even hours after the actual upload. At times, they don't get to see the video at all. I'd thought I'd give some background as to what exactly happens. When you upload a video and try to drag it to the Flash Builder stage the first time, Toufee puts a "Video Processing" banner. This banner is actually an image. When you open your project the next time, this banner would be replaced with the actual video that was processed. What we've noted is that the browser tends to cache this banner image even after the video is successfully processed. Users thus tend to see this image everytime leading to think that the video is still under process. To fix the problem, one has to clear the browser cache. The following page has instructions on how to clear the browser cache
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First of all, to all our US customers, wish you all a happy July 4th! Now, if you've been using the Toufee flash player skin for your flash movies, you'd have noticed that there isn't a replay button. If you have to replay the flash movie, then one has to drag the slider all over to the back to be able to play again. This quite annoying not to mention that many end users of your flash movie may not necessarily be aware how to replay. So here is a quick tip to let add a button item that will act as a replay button for your flash movie. Below are quick steps:

1) On the left panel, click the 'Text &Items' option
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Hello everyone, its been a while since the last blog and it couldn't be a good time to write a new post. I keep getting queries to our Support Desk about the use of the enlarge image option found in the Flash Apps ( 3D Carousel, CoverFlow etc). It seems that there is confusion as there is no clear documentation as to how to use this feature. I thought its right time to clarify this through this blog entry. The enlarge option is used to show images in a popup window (like a preview) when the smaller version of the image. The enlarge image option can be accessed by selecting an image in any of the Flash Apps initial upload screen

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For those of your Toufee flash movie users who've created a hyperlink in your flash movie, you've noticed a popup window show up when the link is clicked. It was a bit of nagging problem and particularly annoying when our customers are creating flash movies for their customers.

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As part of the ongoing release of new features, we've introduced the option to download your flash movies in more video formats, especially the AVI format. Previously, the only option was the FLV download, but there has been ever growing requests for AVI and MOV. So here is how to get them.

The following step assume that you're at the Publish movie screen and that you've clicked the YouTube download option. For detailed steps on how to get to this option, please refer the KB article
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The Flash Builder has a feature called Movie Presets that lets you set a defined preset (or a group of settings) to all the flash movie items. While we are working on making the Movie Presets more robust, you'll for now find only two basic presets - Slideshow and Simple Fade. In the article, we'll talk about Simple Fade, which as the name suggests, sets a Simple Fade for the In Effect and the Out Effect for all the items.

To access Movie Presets, click the Presets button on the left panel. Then click the Movie Presets option
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There have been increasing queries lately as to how Toufee flash movies can be delivered over mobile devices, given the increasing use of mobile as a content delivery platform thanks to the smartphone wave. Flash found its adoption slower on the mobile platform than on the Internet, arguably so. Adobe Flex, which Toufee is developed on, is yet to get full-stream support on the mobile platform. This presents quite a challenge to make Toufee flash movies work on mobile devices just like they would in traditional Internet environment on PCs.

Gladly, there is a workaround that you could use for now. Since Toufee supports converting flash movies to video files, the answer is to use YouTube as a content delivery medium for your flash movies. YouTube provides an Andriod application that lets you watch the videos. So get the ball rolling and start updating your YouTube channel with your flash movies. A great fit would be the delivery of video-series such as educational tutorials, marketing promo series, etc. So the next time someone asks you how to check your flash movie on their mobile, send them to your YouTube channel!
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When working with the Flash Builder, a frequent question that I see from customers is how to set a common background color or a background image for a flash movie. The following KB articles already address adding a background color as well as setting a background image respectively,

Setting a Common Background Color
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Yesterday, our development team add a nifty little option that should come in very handy. The development team added an option that lets you access the download links from within your Members Area. Inside the Members Area, on the top right, you'll see the Flash Tools tab. On the top right corner of this tab, you'll notice a small circled number inside it. Clicking this will reveal a dropout menu that will list all your download links like the one shown in the screenshot below:

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