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Ccreate gorgeous flash movies & slideshows for your website quickly and easily - without any programming - with toufee's flash maker.

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  • Calling all ye creative souls - stop buying costly software to create flash movies. Have a Toufee... - Ashish Sinha,
  • The product is fully hosted, rich in point & click selected element and produces very small files... - Marshall Kirkpatrick,
  • Toufee is, hands down, one of the simplest means out there to create a flash based movie... - Pranav Dharma,
  • toufee is a great discovery; it lets anyone create flash movies without any knowledge of flash or programming... -
  • Toufee helps you create powerful flash movies, banners, and slideshows in minutes... - Molly McDonald,
  • Toufee is an online flash movie maker that makes it easy for non technical users to quickly create flash... - Naomi,
Extremely Easy
No programming or flash knowledge
required - get started instantly!
Browser Based
Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
No messy downloads or installation
YouTube Friendly
Publish your video directly to website,
blog, YouTube™ or download as SWF

  Why use Toufee?
  How To Use Toufee?
  Why choose Toufee?
flash websites - Stand out from the crowd in effectively delivering your product pitches and messages interactively with flash movies. Plus, supercharge your traffic by posting your Toufee movies on video sharing sites like YouTube - which are a great source of traffic and can instantly help you reach a huge target audience ( Samples )
digital storytelling - Toufee is a great tool for digital storytelling because it gives you the ability to have interactive content like images, animations, sounds and videos using which you can greatly condense a story into a matter of few slides that otherwise would take pages to write about.
( Samples )
flash banners - flash banners are soon replacing traditional image-based ads to become the de facto standard in online advertising. With Toufee, you can create flash banners in less than a minute like this! ( Samples )
flash intros - Toufee can be a great tool to make your own animated greeting. Or if you have band, wont it be cool if you can add a bit of glamour to your videos? You can add an intro section, subtitle your song with Toufee or create your whole site in flash with Toufee. ( Samples )
flash music bands - With Toufee flash movies, your band’s Facebook profile page is never the same. You can use Toufee flash movie maker to create flash videos that run promotional campaigns on your latest song, run an interactive flash movie quiz about your band, create teaser flash movie presentations about your upcoming projects, add flash intro effects to your song video and more! ( Samples )
inspirational flash movies - Toufee is ideal for creating inspirational flash movies. Your flash presentation can act as a goodwill campaign to spread a social cause - your Toufee movie can be on Tsunami victims, child malnutrition in Africa, or something like some of our awesome users have done here. ( Samples )
Get Started Instantly - No learning curves here because mostly everything in Toufee is done via drag-n-drop. Use our hundreds of pre-made-ready-to-be-applied flash effects and transitions to give the professional flash designers a run for their money. What took days to do in flash now can be done with the click of a mouse in Toufee!
Fast flash movie maker - Your toufee accounts comes bundled with over 127 Effects, 75 Transitions, 23 Filters that you can instantly apply to your flash movie in a single click! You can even mix-n-match our effects and transitions to create your own "custom presets" and create dazzling flash animations in a jiffy!
Import from Flickr, YouTube, etc - Import media from over 20+ online services like Flickr™, Google™, YouTube™, Metacafe™, etc to use in your flash movies. Need a picture of lightbulb but can't find any? Search our repository of over 5000+ stock photos, sounds and videos and use it in your Toufee flash movie for free!
Support For YouTube – Toufee is the only flash Maker that supports YouTube! Using the just released YouTube API, Toufee flash movies can now be uploaded to YouTube directly! This makes it a perfect way for uses to sell their business and showcase their creations on This is the perfect launchpad for showing off movies to a huge audience!
Standalone SWFs – Some people prefer to view their creations offline (like on a DVD or a presentation where there is no internet). With Toufee you can download your flash movies as SWF files directly to your PC. This allows you to use your flash movies in business websites, corporate presentations, custom courseware and even upload to third-party websites.
Over 175+ Other Features - There are lot of other features like text-to-speech, history management, guided tutorials, etc that we’re leaving out here for the sake of brevity. But you can read more details about them in our site’s Wiki.
Save Time with Toufee - The traditional approach to flash movie making has been to use complicated desktop software which are difficult to learn and require advanced programming skills. Toufee on the other hand requires absolutely no technical skills, and its so simple to use that you can get started instantly!
Save Money with Toufee - desktop software are costly (e.g. flash CS3 costs over $700!) because of overheads like packaging, training, support, & distribution. Toufee costs only a tiny fraction of this because being an online software we don't incur any such overhead costs and so we can pass all these saving benefits directly to You!
Save Work with Toufee - after spending hundreds of dollars on software you have to spend more on designers. And often times to you are displeased with the final product because the designer just couldn't "get it". Say bye-bye to all those troubles because with Toufee you can now create your own flash movies in less than 2-3 minutes and don't need to spend time or money training designers!
It's Fun! - If you're a creative soul then you'll have a lot of fun using Toufee! Why? Because now you get to spend all of your time focusing on the important design part rather than worrying about the technical nitty-gritty of flash. "We believe that its so addictive that some of our members are making flash movies just because now they can! How else can you explain the fact we have over one million+ Toufee flash movies submitted to our gallery?
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