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How to create flash movies
without flushing $1000 down the toilet?

Let's Look at Two Scenarios

Bubba "Average UnInformed" Bernard
Bubba is your average everyday guy who wants to create flash but doesn't know the first thing about it.

So he does a quick search on and decides to buy an outrageously expensive desktop software that costs him $700 and comes with hundreds of bells and whistles!

3 Months Pass.. the software is still sitting on Bubba's desk and gathering dust.. Yet Bubba couldn't even create his first flash movie with it. Do You Know Why?

You see, Bubba "Average UnInformed" Bernard spent a lot of money buying costly desktop software.. but what he didn't know then was that after spending $700 he would be required to spend even more and then had to learn a lot of technical Mumbo Jumbo like Flex Programming, Actionscripting And More Stuff as explained below...


Mary "Smart Money Saving " Montgomery
Mary may not be very tech savvy, but she is a clever customer who has an eye for finding good stuff.

So instead of just flushing $700 down the toilet, she does some due diligence first and looks around on the internet for inexpensive alternatives to making Flash.

And so she instead stumbles on this cool flash maker app that runs from right inside the browser... she is impressed!

What's best is that there is no programming to learn, or manuals to read. Which is why she gets started almost instantly and publishes her first flash movie to her website in just minutes!

Soon she learns that she can export her flash creations to which starts brining her a lot of daily traffic and helps her increase daily sales from her website!


After you've spent a fortune buying expensive Desktop Software... what's next?

Have you ever tried making even the simplest of Text Effects in Flash?

Above is a video Tutorial for making a very simple Text Effect in Flash. The output of above is nowhere as good as the 127 Text Effects You get inside your Toufee account for absolutely free, but at least it a start. To create more advanced text effects (like the ones you get in Toufee), you can try searching Here. Or You can Purchase Some Costly Tutorials From Here.

Anyway, after you're done watching the above text effect tutorials, listen to this:

Here is how you create a text effect in Toufee:

3 mouse clicks, 2 drag-drops and done! Yes, Its That Easy!!

If you look at the Toufee's demo below, we just applied 27 Text Effects, 7 Filters, 7 Video Effects and About 12 Different Transitions without any programming!

As you can see creating one small Text Effect in Adobe Flash is going to take you at least 20 minutes (and this is assuming you know your way around Actionscript Programming and MXML). In Toufee, you have more than 100 ready made effects which could be applied in seconds. What it means for you is that we have put almost 2-Years or our research to make sure that YOU don't have to go through all the trouble.

Remember: Toufee is totally WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) - But Flash Isn't


Can Flash Upload your Movies to YouTube?

No. Not Only Flash, but not one software (all of which cost hundreds of bucks EACH by the way) offer you a single way to Upload your Flash Movies to YouTube or any other heavy traffic websites. What this means to you is that you're really missing out on some good traffic everyday and what this really means is that even after working for three whole months to learn flash you still can't create a DVD of your flash movie.

With Toufee, Uploading to YouTube is a one Click operation. You can also, very easily download your movies to burn them on DVDs at no extra cost.

As you can see for yourself, with Toufee Pro you can upload your Videos to Youtube in just one-click.


Isn't it just ridiculous to pay more for plugins after having already spent $700 on Flash?

Do You know that Adobe has a list of thousands of plugins on there site, most of which you need to buy if you want to use them?
(See Screenshot below, or visit the Adobe Marketplace )

Apart from these, to create text effects you will need even more plugins like SwishMax which will cost you even more, i.e. $200 onwards

One might ask that when you have already paid $700 for Flash itself then why you need to pay for even basic things like Buttons, SlideShows and Photo gallery.

Thankfully, your Toufee account comes bundled with over 127 Text Effects, 35 Video Effects, 75 Transitions, 12 Motion Effects, 23 Filters and over 200+ Presets! . Also, we never charge for things like Buttons and Sounds. In fact, with Toufee you can create almost unlimited different type of Buttons and Effects, which even these fancy Plugins are Never going to provide you.


One Final Checklist, How much Toufee is really saving for you

Features Desktop Flash Toufee
A Flash Creation Software $700 $59.95
Text Effects, Video Effects, Transitions, Motion Effects, Filters and Presets $1500 FREE
Button Gallery, Sounds and Images $500 FREE
10 GB Bandwidth $20/Month FREE
Upload to YouTube, Burn Videos to DVD Not Available Only available in Toufee
Time and Effort Needed to Learn ActionScript Programming, Flex Programming and Flash IDE At least 3 Months in training and certification. No training required. Get started instantly!



Toufee has been the #1 Flash Movie Maker for over three years now! With over 100,000+ registered users who have successfully used Toufee to create over 1 million+ flash movies - you know you cannot go wrong.

Once again, Click Here to signup now, and you can start making your first flash movie within five minutes! Please remember you have NOTHING to lose and a LIFETIME of profits to gain.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon about your first Flash creation!

Yours in Success,

Sanchit Bhatnagar,
B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering,
Delhi College of Engineering.
Software Developer for 10+ years!

Navneet Rai
B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering,
M.A.Sc. in Computer Science,
Delhi College of Engineering.
Flash Expert for 6+ years now!