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Flash Movie Tip: How to create thumbnails for your flash slideshow movies

A happy new year to all. This is the first post this 2013 and here is a tip that comes straight out from a query asked by one of our customers. The query was how to create thumbnails for a Slideshow flash movie. The fact is, this option is not available in the Flash Slideshow Maker. However, the Flash Banner Creator does have this option. Here is where you find it.

In the main Flash Banner Creator settings panel on the left, expand Navigation Bar. In the dropdown list, select Filmstrip option.

Navigation Bar option

Click the Save Project button at the lower left portion of the screen to save the changes. The filmstrip option would look something like this in the resulting flash? movie.

The thumbnails are displayed at the bottom by default. When one hovers over any thumbnail, a larger preview of the slide is displayed as shown in the image below:


For those who have not chosen Flash Banner Creator as your paid Flash App, you may request a swap of your Flash Apps to make it a paid app. I hope this tip was useful. Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions on any options that you'd like to use in your flash movies.

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