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Which of the companies do you think use a flash maker?

Nokia, Nike, Volkswagen, Adidas, Samsung, LG, MTV, Starbucks, BMW, Virgin, Jaguar, YouTube, Sony, Coca-Cola, IKEA, FedEx, Red Bull, Disney, PlayStation, BBC, McDonald's, Budweiser, Mercedes, eBay, Visa, Levi's, Heineken, Lego, Pepsi, Citigroup, Prada, Samsung, Ferrari, Gucci, Honda, Bacardi, Marlboro, Toyota, Singapore Airlines, Porsche, Nestlé, Nissan, Shell, Heinz, Armani, M&M, Kodak, Benetton, Cadbury, Nescafe, Philips, HSBC, Ericsson, Compaq, Nikon, Ford and many more.

They are all using flash to power their website content. And flash has always been the favorite of all big brands because flash gives them the power to create a greatly interactive and a visually impressive experience for all their visitors.

( Click Here To Watch A Short Demo of Toufee Flash Maker! )

Well fortunately for big companies, they don't mind spending thousands of dollars hiring professional flash designers and flash making software that do all the “ActionScripting” and “Flex Programming” required to create such flash websites.

But for the rest of us who can't... well, it hasn't been so easy. Because to create flash you need to purchase some very expensive desktop software just to get started.

And even if you somehow managed to spare all that money to start your first flash movie… YOU WON'T! Because there is still a long treacherous uphill climb ahead you that requires you to learn the Flash IDE, Flash Programming, ActionScript Programming and Flex. And if that's too many big words for you in one linethen think about the time and skill you'll need to actually learn them!

Don't get me wrong... Flash is one of the best things to have happened to the internet but the problem is that it's expensive and difficult to learn making it a little out of reach for the average guy. To cut a long story short, we wanted to make flash easy… so people like you and me can also make flash websites for our business - but without spending a fortune on expensive software Or months in learning all this technical Flash mumbo-jumbo first...

But all the "Industry Experts" said it "could never" be done...

So Out of Pure Frustration, we researched and reached out to the Greatest Programmers to Build "The Ultimate Flash Maker."

We built this flash maker for ourselves... However, pressure from other website owners that need and depend on Results begged, whined and bribed us to release it to the public. Stop Complaining...

Here it is and for a Limited Time it's...

The Easiest and Fastest Flash Movie Maker Online

Plus you'll receive 175 Free Flash Plugins For Trying!

There are Seven Deadly Problems haunting Every Flash Maker…

We at want you to be informed. Not every person who wants to make a flash for his website gets tormented by ALL these problems but Every person is plagued by at least ONE of these problems always. We are the first service to solve all nine of these problems For You so we can finally bring to you The Ultimate Flash Maker where you can spend all your time focusing on the really important design part than worrying about the technical nitty-gritty of Flash like everyone else.

Can we ask for just five minutes of your time.. That's it.. just five minutes.. We will bring you up to speed and properly educate you on all the potential pitfalls out there to avoid (believe me, there are plenty of them) so you can make the right choice in choosing a Flash Maker Tool that will properly work for you and build your business for the long term, without having to wonder if you made the right decision.

Problem Number ONE

Desktop Flash Software Are Outrageously Expensive!

This shouldn't be hard to figure out, but to create a flash movie, the first thing you need to do is to purchase some outrageously expensive software (check around on Google to see how much it costs). Desktop software will be always expensive because they bear overheads like packaging, OS versions, training, support, & distribution, which somebody has to pay, right? This essentially in the end comes out of your pocket.

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number One...

We made the “offline” desktop software “online”. Think of it as car pool where every member chips in a little to make sure that no single person bears the cost of it all.

What this means to you is that now you can get started creating your flash movies without having the need to download or install anything first. Also since we require only one copy of the software on our server that everyone can use fully, we don't incur any overhead costs and all these saving benefits get passed directly to You!


Problem Number TWO

Flash isn't easy. There is A Huge learning Curve and Lots of Technical Mumbo-Jumbo to learn first!

Did you know that there are certification courses in Flash Programming? So you just spent over $1000 dollars buying all this expensive software just to find out that you've also bought a 1,000 page getting started manual with it? Further, Flash as we know it is not click and point – you have to write programs and logic for it in two different programming languages called ActionScript and Flex for creating even the most basic of the animations.

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number Two...

The ideology is like this... To go to the store you might drive a car. But you don't need to know how to build a car to drive it, nor do you need to know how to build a road. You just need to know what it does and how to use it.

The single biggest selling point of Toufee is that it makes Flash easy... because we want everyone to Creates Stunning Flash Animations and Websites with Ease. Which is why No HTML or Technical Skills are Required for using Toufee – No Exceptions! 

If you know how to use a mouse... you can create Flash with Toufee. Period!

It may sound unbelievable but numbers don't lie... Take a look at our user gallery inside the samples menu... the 1 million+ flash movies you see there in our user gallery have all been created by users just like you and me, most of whom do not even know the ABCs of Flash Programming. Yet, the Flash work they've created with Toufee is so outstanding that they'll give any veteran Flash programmer a run for their money!


Problem Number THREE

Shortage of Necessary Features and Effects!

Let's suppose like a true Flash Programmer, you spend a bucket load of money buying expensive Flash Programs and then you spend over 3 months studying ActionScript programming. Yet somehow you still won't be able to figure out how to create the very simplest of text and image effects… Why?

That's because the effects have to be purchased separately. To add those effects now you will need to spend more buying Flash plugins like SwishMax that cost another $250 (that's per plugin!).

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number Three...

A flash movie without effects is like a body without a soul. What's the use of a Flash maker if you have to purchase all the effects separately from a third party?

That's why we've bundled all Toufee accounts with over 127 Text Effects, 35 Video Effects, 75 Transitions, 12 Motion Effects, 23 Filters and over 200+ Presets! This is at least $1500 value in itself if you were to buy it separately with Flash. But now they can be yours to use, totally free of cost and come bundled with your Toufee account.

Toufee's Main Features

  • The Easiest and Fastest Flash Movie Maker Online
  • Creates Stunning Flash Animations and Websites with Ease
  • No HTML or Technical Skills Required - It's all click and point!
  • Includes 127 Effects, 75 Transitions, 23 Filters and 200+ Presets
  • Direct Import Images, Sound and Video from YouTube, Flickr, etc
  • Export Your Movies to SWF, Video, or Publish them on the web
  • Create flash banners for your websites in less than 5 minutes
  • Repository of 5000 photos, videos and a full fledged music library comes bundled free of cost!
  • YouTube uploader for directly uploading your movies to
  • 10GB free hosting space for your Flash Movies
  • Ability to distribute your Flash movies on DVDs, Screensavers, etc
  • 4 Different skins to control your Flash Movies
  • 101 Font Pack (Multilingual)
  • Bundled Animated Backgrounds, Clipart, and Shapes
  • Download flash movies
  • Upload flash movies to YouTube
  • And much much more...

As you can see, this is a full blown system you can use to grow your business at warp speed. The features both of us need and demand are all included, and if you feel we're missing something, let us know and if it's practical, we'll add it for you. How often do you hear that!

As Toufee Grows...Our Features will Grow.. We want our system to be the best out there, and we feel we have the resources and marketing savvy to make this happen. You just tag along for the ride!


Problem Number FOUR

You are often displeased with the final product because the designer just
couldn't "GET IT" ...And, then You have to pay Flash programmers over
and over again for making the minutest of the updates!

Let's say you have come to the conclusion by now that you don't want to get your hands dirty learning the Flash programming language - but you do have a thousand dollars to spare using which you hire a professional Flash designer to create a flash movie for you. Well, you'd not be the first to come up with such a plan but for those before you who did, they've all have had one problem in common...

Explaining your design to a flash programmer is like playing the game of Chinese whispers. What you said and what comes out are two totally different things. Making it a very expensive compromise from your end.

Besides the above, there is also another problem in getting someone else to do this work for you. The problem is that you have to pay the designer separately for every single movie you have her create and secondly you even have to pay her for all updates later on too! ...even if that is the smallest of a change in your movie like adding a photo or updating your company's logo – they keep billing you over and over again like a clockwork.

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number Four...

It has always been You The Flash Programmer Your Flash Movie. So guess what? We just eliminated this middle-man for you! So now its You Your Flash Movie.

What this means to you is that now you can directly “map” what's inside your head to the canvas and instantly transform it into a flash movie! No Waiting! No Stopping!

Further, a flash designer usually will take anything from about 3 weeks to two whole months to make your flash movie but with Toufee now you can create your own flash movies in less than 2-3 minutes and you don't even need to spend time or money training designers!

Now that you don't have to contract other people to create your flash movies, what this means to you is that now you can create unlimited flash movies as you heart desires and never have to pay anyone another cent for doing so.. And what this really means to you is that now you can make unlimited changes, how you want and when you want. No more emailing back-and-forth to a Flash Designer and waiting for weeks for one minor change.


Problem Number FIVE

You CANNOT Publish Your Flash Movies To YouTube Or Any Other Heavy Traffic Websites!

What good is a flash movie if nobody ever gets to see it? Flash movies currently are only published as SWF but the SWF file format is NOT supported on one heavy traffic website including YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Metacafe,, Break, Google Video, etc. You may not realize it but these are the websites that get over 100 million hits a day alone! So isn't it a little sad that with traditional Flash makers you still are going to host your movies as SWF on a website getting 100 unique visitors per year when you could instead post it on YouTube and use a part of their heavy traffic for your own website?

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number Five...

Toufee is the only Flash maker out there (yes, the only one till date!) that is supported on all Video sites including YouTube, and Metacafe. We have even partnered with YouTube's API Program so that you can instantly upload your videos to in just one click! What this means to you is that you can watch and share your flash movies created with Toufee on all these heavy traffic websites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Metacafe and start getting a portion of their massive traffic to your site!


Problem Number SIX

It's hard to find the right photos, videos and music to make flash movies!

It's not hard to see that to create a flash movie you need photos and videos and other multimedia. Professional Flash designers generally have budgets of thousands of dollars so they don't mind purchasing their media from commercial stock photos and videos websites. It a pricey thing to do but then they do mind spending, because in the end it's coming out of your pocket (not theirs). Do you see how the costs keep adding up at every step when you're using the old traditional ways to create flash movies?

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number Six...

You can get multimedia worth thousands of dollars for free if you know where to look. Contract workers often make a good 50% affiliate commission for all the stock photos/videos they buy for your flash movies - so they won't tell you about it.

But we'll let you in on the secret of where you can find these amazing high quality graphics, videos and music to use in your flash movie for Free! We've even gone a step further and added option for you to Import media from over 20+ online media sharing websites like Flickr, Google, YouTube, Metacafe, etc to use in your Flash Movies. And the icing on the cake is - we've included a royalty free repository of over 5000+ stock photos, sounds and videos that you can search from inside your Toufee account and use it in your Toufee Flash movie absolutely free!



Lousy or No Customer Support!

Not all Flash Makers offer good customer support. Big companies will even charge you extra per question per hour as consultation fee. Some of the services even with good intentions are offering incompetent support. Sometimes a large company hires an employee and gives them a small monthly fee and they just don't have the motivation to really take good care of the customers on their network, because they are working on a small salary. Support questions should be answered within 24 hours.

Toufee's Solution to Problem Number Seven...

We understand more than anyone the value of long-term relationships and good customer support. If you need any design advice or assistance, you're talking to two of the best. If you need technical support, our main tech does have an interest in this company, and is always available when you need him. Typically support questions are answered within 24 hours, whether the questions are technical, design or even marketing in nature.

Okay my friend.. now that we've covered the essentials.. let's start talking about the real exciting topic you've been waiting to hear about.


Toufee has been the #1 Flash Movie Maker for over three years now! With over 100,000+ registered users who have successfully used Toufee to create over 1 million+ flash movies - you know you cannot go wrong.

Once again, Click Here to signup now, and you can start making your first flash movie within five minutes! Please remember you have NOTHING to lose and a LIFETIME of profits to gain.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon about your first Flash creation!

Yours in Success,

Sanchit Bhatnagar,
B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering,
Delhi College of Engineering.
Software Developer for 10+ years!

Navneet Rai
B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, M.A.Sc. in Computer Science,
Delhi College of Engineering.
Software Developer for 6+ years now!