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Inside Toufee: "Video Processing" message in the Flash Builder - things to know

Some users may have noted that for some videos that they upload into the Flash Builder, they're greeted with a "Video is processing" message. The problem was that users find the message continues to persists even hours after the actual upload. At times, they don't get to see the video at all. I'd thought I'd give some background as to what exactly happens. When you upload a video and try to drag it to the Flash Builder stage the first time, Toufee puts a "Video Processing" banner. This banner is actually an image. When you open your project the next time, this banner would be replaced with the actual video that was processed. What we've noted is that the browser tends to cache this banner image even after the video is successfully processed. Users thus tend to see this image everytime leading to think that the video is still under process. To fix the problem, one has to clear the browser cache. The following page has instructions on how to clear the browser cache

Why does Toufee processes uploaded video files? Toufee requries that the video files be converted to the FLV format so that it is compatible to work with. When you upload a MOV or WMV file to your account, Toufee tries to convert this file to the FLV format. When it does, you see the video processing message. So the next time you have to upload a video, prefer the FLV format if its available.

It is also possible to bypass the video processing completely. If you see any issues with upload, please let me know by opening a Support Ticket and I could upload the video bypassing the video processing.

I hope the information helps.
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