Flash Movie Tip: How to add animated GIF to flash movies

If you were left wondering how to add animated GIFs (GIF89a format) to your flash movies, then you need to surely read this post! I am sure many of you would have tried uploading animated GIFs by using the Add Image button but couldn’t get the option to work. Worry not, for you can upload animated GIFs using the Add Video button. Add Video option not only allows you to add videos but animated GIFs as well.  Why use animated GIFs? Well, if used wisely, then can be very effective in a flash movie presentation. Animated GIFs provide you the much needed option of adding basic picture animations to your flash movies. Animated GIFs are not too big either and they usually are just a few KBs in size.

You can do a quick Google search for “royalty free animated GIFs” and you will end up with scores of sites providing you free GIFs. Based on the theme of your movie, you can select your aGIFs and see for yourself what a marked change it brings to your flash movie. Go on, add some spice to your flash movies.


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