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Toufee Flash Movie Maker

  1. What is Toufee?
  2. Toufee is the easiest, most powerful way to create rich multimedia flash movies / flash banners / flash presentations / flash e-cards / flash tickers / etc without having any knowledge of the flash IDE or programming.
  1. Why should I use Flash Movies on my site?
  2. A flash movie allows you to create interactive presentations that your prospects can watch. Studies prove that people prefer seeing and hearing stuff than reading it because the visual and auditory method of learning is easier to understand, does not require any effort on the learner’s part and saves everyone’s time. What this means basically means is, it is easier to get an idea into somebody's head when you show them and tell them instead of making them read stuff. So By providing this as an additional learning option on your site you can increase your reach to a wider audience, make your content more interesting and boost your sales and conversions.
  1. What does "Toufee" mean anyway?
  2. We never planned to explain this but since everybody's asking, here goes it. Toufee is a play on the word "toffee" or "candy" as toufee movies have lots of eye-candy. The word Toufee was derived from the first three letters of words "touch" and "feel". Actually our first punch line was like "don't just read the web, touch and feel it with toufee". But then we thought it was kind of long & corny so we dropped the line but kept the original name. So there! :-)
    So if you can think about some sweet-sweeeet eye candy whenever you see the word toufee, you'll just love this site more and more every time!
  1. Why not use Macromedia Flash (IDE) instead?
  2. Macromedia flash is a tool for designers; Toufee is a tool for everyone! With Toufee you can create professional looking movies in minutes because using it is so effortless to use as compared to any other flash movie maker out there! Also creating movies with Toufee will cost you a fraction because you wouldn't have to outsource your flash related work anymore. Here is something funny: Create a two minute flash movie for your site and then ask a flash design company about giving you a quote for doing a similar movie with comparable attributes (like sound effects, narration, images, backgrounds, etc that are in your flash movie). Believe me you'll be surprised by what they tell you.
  1. But an XYZ ezine/guru told me that you should not use flash on your websites?
  2. Flash is a very useful and powerful tool but its often misused. Like when people get too carried away using flash on their site replacing all their text with flash, or start creating big swf files that take too much time to download, etc. If you are using flash on your website, add it tastefully so that it complements the site and widens your site’s appeal. See Dr. Joe Vitale’s site ( to learn one great way of doing it! We personally prefer flashboxes (see below to know what a flash box looks like) or “watch our movie” icons that opens the movie in a popup window. This makes it seamless and permission based, and thus helps to dramatically improve people’s response to it too. One other cause of some disinterest till now was because the flash files were so big in size that the time it takes to load them on dialup connections is unacceptable. We knew about this problem and had it in our mind from the day we began development of Toufee and we're proud to say that we have successfully nailed it! Read the FAQ below on how small and fast your flash movies are!
    Click here to watch the flash movie in a flash box
  1. For which niche, is use of flash recommend?
  2. From internet marketers to big companies alike, flash is used by everyone. Two in every five internet marketing sites use flash for making an intro, tutorial or presenting ideas. Microsoft uses it, so does Yahoo! Hundreds of sites on use it too. Use of flash is getting dominant on most eBay auctions also. Anyone who is using HTML can enhance it using Flash. And if you are a Blogger then you now you can also use Toufee to create your own e-cards, flash messages and animated photo albums to post in your and your friend’s profiles.
  1. What kind of elements can I add to my Toufee movies?
  2. Currently you can add frames, text, images, videos, notes, sounds and buttons to your toufee movies. Some element have over 50 different effects you can apply to make your movies come to life! Please see our member’s faq (wiki) for more information on this.
  1. How much time does it take to make a movie?
  2. Compared to the average time a designer will take to make a flash movie which is anything from 3 weeks to 4 months, with Toufee it will only take about 2-3 minutes average to make a movie. This however does not include the time you spend pondering on script and ideas though ;)
  1. Can I add voice to my movies?
  2. Yes, you have two options for doing this. Either you can record your own speech for the movie or you can use our ultra advanced and very natural sounding text to speech (TTS) engine. We strongly recommend you add narration to all your movies because this not only makes the movies fun to watch but more importantly it’ll take care of your auditory need of the audience.
  1. Can I add music to my movies?
  2. Yes, you can add music or musical loops to your movies. We recommend adding musical loops. A musical loops means a small sample of music (typically 10 to 40 seconds) that keeps repeats itself over and over again. This will make your movies smaller, require less bandwidth and also avoid any distraction from your main movie caused by lyrics, etc.
  1. How much time does it to download a movie?
  2. The movies made with Toufee are extremely extremely extremely small. We can show you a 2 minute movie with audio and music and images that loads faster than an average 320x200 image. Toufee biggest forte is the size of the output movies. We knew from the start about some stigma that is associated with using Flash on websites due to the general size of flash movies. Actually nobody likes seeing “loading…” screens, a typical characteristic of most flash movies. So we were able to successfully eliminate that to a great extent with our product by keeping that in mind from day one. For your perusal in our movie samples there is a 3 minute flash movie called "vacation" - this movie has a complete voiceover, 22 different text-effects, many full size background images with effects and a background sound loop and yet it weighs only 335KB. Yahoo homepage is about 466KB in size (give or take 10KB), which means that our three minute movie with the voiceover and background music is still 100KB less than Yahoo’s homepage.
    The best part is each Toufee movie is segmented and hence cached by the browser, so if the user plays the same movie again it’ll run right off the bat, and if the user plays another Toufee movie then the parts that are common to the first movie (like the fonts, player, effects) needn’t be downloaded again. And if the movie isn’t cached, even then it starts playing very quickly because every Toufee movie integrates a smart preloader that starts the movie as soon as the minimum bytes required are downloaded (while the rest is streamed in the background). Download speed has been our BIGGEST priority since day one of development. Actually our project was delayed by about 2 months because we wanted to nail this and the effort was worth it. After we nailed the movie size, we took it further a step by splitting everything so it can be streamed. What this means to you is that the movies start playing as soon as a few bytes are loaded. The rest of the movie loads seamlessly in the background without bothering your prospect with any noticeable “loading” screens. So what this really means to you is that your movies will start playing in seconds to your prospect. Yes! …even on a dialup.

    After you've started publishing, you will be amazed on how small and fast your Toufee movies are!
  1. What is my movie length limit?
  2. Your movies can be as long as you want. There is no limit to creativity!
  1. After saving, how soon can I start publishing my movies?
  2. Almost instantly! As soon as you save a movie it becomes ready to be made live and published over your website. You can view / share movies online using either a permanent URL (which we give you) or with embedded HTML (which you can paste on your blog or site).
  1. What are the different ways to publish my movie?
  2. You can publish it directly on your website, so it becomes a part of it. Or you can use our propriety flashbox to add the flash movies for permission based playing. Or you can publish them inside website popups which load by clicking a link. You can publish them anyway you can publish an image on your site.
  1. Why are my movies being published in Flash v7.0?
  2. Publishing in Flash 7.0 makes sure that your movies run every PC regardless the operating system being Windows/Mac/Linux/etc. As of this writing there is only support for Flash 7.0 in Linux, so we've decided to stick with Flash 7.0 until Adobe releases newer versions of Flash for Linux. But don't worry because your movies run equally good on Flash 7.0 and it only maximizes compatibility.
  1. Is Toufee really-really free?
  2. Toufee is free Flash movie maker and it will always remain free for you. And we never put any ads inside or alongside your movies either. If you help support us (see below), we can keep this site free forever!
  1. How can I support Toufee and keep it free forever?
  2. Thousand of members who've joined toufee have only come to this site through the word of mouth publicity. So the biggest support we can ask from you is you invite your friends and family to this service, post about it in your blogs and forums to help us promote Any help in getting the word out on toufee will always be appreciated and much-admired.
    Also you can suggest us new features and tell us what you don't like about toufee. We promise to always read, work upon and recognize all your precious suggestions. So please do not hesitate once to tell us, if you have any.
  1. I have a suggestion/bug report for your site? Where can i send it?
  2. We would just love to hear from you. If you have tips, suggestions, complaints, bug reports they are always most welcome because they really help us improve our site.
    To send those please use our contact form here and address it to our support team.



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