5 Good Things of a free Online Flash Movie Maker

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  1. Work while you're on the move An online free flash movie maker like Toufee helps you go places without worrying about your presentation for the upcoming meeting - you can do it while you're on the move - in your car or in the Tube, in your living room, during your coffee...no matter where you are, Toufee helps you work effortlessly on your flash presentations
  2. Single File, Single Version Imagine you create your flash movie in your home PC, you're half-done, you copy it in your laptop, contine working on it, you're still not finished and so you upload to a FTP site so that you can download it later and work in your office desktop. By the time you complete your presentation you have a dozen files and you're left wondering which version is the latest. Imagine copying the wrong version only to find its half-done in the middle of a review meeting!!! With Toufee, you maintain a single flash movie presentation regardless of where and how you work on it.
  3. Get, Set, Go An online flash editor like Toufee allows you get started on your presentations right away. Toufee's clean and user-friendly interface ensures that there is minimum learning curve which means you can jump-start in creating your movies or presentations in a flash!
  4. No software/hardware hassles Online movie makers like Toufee dont require you to install big software, have MBs or GBs of RAM and can significantly cut down on your software and hardware costs
  5. Its Free! Good things sometimes do come free. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on Flash softwares if all you want to do is create a simple flash movie - thats where Toufee scores - its free, and you still get quality outputs that you can get using similar paid softwares

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