A new Flash Builder, yet the old charm

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Hello everyone. This post comes after more than a year, quite uncharacteristic of us to have kept the blog silent as still water. While you may already know that we had launched an all new version of Toufee called the Flash Builder and a whole set of additional Flash App tools to go with it, let me try to give a new primer on the Flash Builder just in case you already haven't had a chance to check out. Its a new core The new Flash Builder and the Flash Apps have been built from scratch. This allowed us to fix many of the issues in the older Flash Pro Movie Maker. Before I go into any details, you might want to quick have a look at the following video tutorial that introduces the new Flash Builder as well as many of its features: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzEyDJCLDCs We've got the timing right! One of the biggest improvements in the Toufee Flash Builder has been the Timing feature that makes it complex timing arrangement extremely easy to achieve and the process is completely transparent. By using simply drag and move actions to move items in the Timing bar,  one could achieve amazingly precise timing that leads to smooth flow of the flash effects added to the flash movie objects. To get an understanding of how the whole thing works, please refer the following video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sEL-zE2eAk Sleek Effects The Effects engine has also been completely re-engineered as well. Effects are now applied to an object's In and Out phases. This provides two benefits - firstly, there is a clear distinction to the object's duration with respect to the effect duration...you will notice this distinction in the Timing bar where every object's item label will have two triangle-shaped markers at both ends which represent the In and the Out effects respectively.  The second benefit is the easy management of the effect, in terms of adjusting the effect duration via the Timing bar. Faster, Easier and Compact If you have been using the new Flash Builder for a while, you may have noticed that it loads much faster than the older version, processes videos and audio uploads better. The user interface is more compact and we've done  away with the traditional menu-style options which sometimes confused users where there are scores of option to deal with. The new Flash Builder, without the menus, still manages to pack in all the features and options to achieve every bit that was possible with the old Toufee. I would recommend that you refer the following video tutorial that discusses useful tips for creating flash movies with the new Flash Builder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uexNdk2XzHg Some of the other improvements is in Buttons, though you may notice that you do not have the breadth of options/button styles that was available in the old Toufee. That said, you could still create very functional button items with the options currently available. The following video tutorial discusses this in detail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN_FqGlBduA What are these new Flash Apps? In addition to the new Flash Builder, we have introduced eight Flash Apps which are wizard-driven applications that lets you create flash movies tailored to particular function - such as a flash banner, a slideshow, a flip book, a carousel etc. The eight Flash Apps are Flash Banner Creator, Flash Accordion Maker, Flash Slideshow Builder, Flash Pan/Zoom Viewer, KenBurns Effect Maker, Instant Flas Flip-Book, 3D Flash Carousel Maker and the Flash CoverFlow Maker. Creating a flash movie with the Flash Apps is very quick and highly efficient, as you end up flash movies that are precisely created since the wizard takes care of putting together pieces in the background. How does the Flash Apps help? Assume that you want to put a quick slideshow of a new product or service on your corporate website. With the Flash Slideshow Maker Flash App, you may create a professional looking slideshow instantly, and publish to your website. The biggest benefit of the Flash Apps is its recurring capability...you can create consistent looking slideshows for your many products or services and more so you could create them pretty quickly. A end user with no knowledge of Flash can consistently deliver professional looking flash movies by using the Flash Apps tools. We have detailed video tutorials on the eight Flash Apps which can be accessed from the links below: Flash Banner Creator: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=2 Flash Accordion Maker: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=3 Flash Slideshow Builder: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=4 Flash Pan/Zoom Viewer: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=6 KenBurns Effect Maker http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=7 Instant Flas Flip-Book: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=8 3D Flash Carousel Maker: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=9 Flash CoverFlow Maker: http://apps.toufee.com/psapi/help.php?appID=10 We hope the video tutorials help. I'd be writing more on the features, usage, tips about the new Flash Builder as well as the Flash Apps in the coming weeks so there is lots of information on the way. Btw, wish you all a Happy Easter.

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