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Imagine a product that takes evolves with ideas from thousands of minds - the result is a near perfect product that works flawlessly. Asking users what they want is far more effective than brainstroming sessions in swanky conference halls with little end-user participation. At Toufee, we believe in keeping things simple and what better way to give users what features they want than to directly ask them? So if you think there's something you wish to see in Toufee you can directly post your suggestions at Posting suggestions at Toufee Wiki requires that you create a user account and creating an account takes less than a minute. Also, its better this way because each one of us can know who posted what. I've already created a base list of sugggestions or features requests to start with and you can easily and quickly work on those to add your own suggestions. If for any reason you find trouble adding your ideas to Toufee Wiki, you can email them to me at and I would post onto the Wiki on your behalf. Thanks Ganesh

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I can't go further on your trial version because of the paypal is asking too many details on the.. Very next page. only. I was approching toufee through googal.

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