Clinton vs Obama flash movie?

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Hey all! Firstly, wish everyone a Happy New Year 2008. I admit its been a long while since I posted something onto the blog, and if only something useful comes to my mind, do I write a post. To be honest, I've been dumb all these days ("I couldn't think well enough ;) ) . I received an interesting email to Support asking if we do have any flash movie on Clinton vs Obama battle that is currently going on. Well, we didn't have any! So I was curious if any of our users have created flash movie on this topic? As the user has mentioned, its definitely the hottest topic right now and any flash movie on it will make you instantly popular (Google indexes all public Toufee flash movies very regularly). If you have already created a flash movie on this, please do send in your movie to and I'll post it onto the blog. I guarantee that I'll post all the flash movies that I receive, so people this is a great opportunity to showcase your flash movie skills.

  • 11 years ago

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