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Toufee Movie Gallery contains flash movies created by thousands of Toufee users. This is a public flash movie directory so anyone can access it and view your movie. But say you are working on a flash video that is really important and highly confidential - like a flash banner or a flash intro movie for a client you must ensure that your flash movie cannot be accessed by the public until you release to the client. By default, flash movies are shared in the Movie Gallery, so if you wish to keep your movie private limit viewership to your Toufee movie by using the setting in the Publish Your Movie window. To control the privacy settings of your Toufee movie, follow these steps 1. In the Toufee main editor, on the top right, you will find an option called Publish. Click it. This will open up Publish Your Movie window from where you can change your movie privacy settings. 2. In Publish Your Movie window, under Privacy Options, remove the check mark where it says Share this movie in directory. This will remove your Toufee movie being publicly available or shared in the Toufee Movie Directory 3. Click Finish Publishing button when done Once you have enabled this setting, only you would know the path of your Toufee movie. If you wish to share the movie, open your Toufee movie (using the movie URL that you get in the Publish window). When the page with your Toufee movie opens, you will find a link called Share This Movie on the right of your movie window. Clicking the link will open up a window where you can enter the email addresses of people with whom you want to share and an email with the link to the movie would be sent to them. Hope this is useful. If you have any suggestions please leave them as comments to this post. Also, if you have specific topics that you would want me to write about, please let me know. Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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