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Well, firstly this isn't a great trick but something that many of you would have actually used in your project without knowing it. Infact, this isn't completely my thought but that of a Toufee user named Michael Barry who emailed me a couple of days back asking as if he could convert an avi file to flash video file using Toufee. Thats the moment when this though struck...why not use Toufee to convert movie files to flash videos? The process doesn't even take much time or effort. Toufee supports a plethora of video formats from the old MPEG to the new 3GP and AVI files. The complete list of video files supported by Toufee is as follows - AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, ASF, M4V, M4A, 3GP, 3G2, MPEG, NSV, RM, WMV. I know a lot of people searching Google hours on end to find a good software that could convert their favourite videos to flash videos so that they can put it up on the internet and share with their friends. Most of those softwares would be a shareware that will allow converting your movie to a fixed time lenght of some x seconds.

So how does Toufee fill up here? Simply upload the video file to Toufee, create a blank movie project, add the video file to your project and viola you've just converted your favorite video file to a flash movie! Toufee allows you not only to convert the videos to flash movies but Toufee instantly generates the HTML code that you could use to put the flash movie in your website. Imagine if you were trying to put up a QuickTime movie in your website...not only does that require HTML skills but you need QuickTime plugin installed at each of the machines from which your users would be accessing your site. Now, you cannot guarantee that all your users would have QuickTime installed. With Toufee, you don't have that problem as all the browsers nowadays have the latest flash plugin installed by default.

With Toufee, the possibilies seems ever increasing and we've been discovering new ways to use the free flash movie maker tool to a more broader use. If you found that you have used Toufee in a different way and did something out-of-the-box and if you are willing to share with the users, please email me at

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