Converting between video file formats using Any Video Converter

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Many times, Toufee users are faced with the need to convert their video files from one format to another for easy upload to Toufee Pro. Sometimes users might have encoded the video in a less known codec. So if you ever have a problem uploading your video files to Toufee or problem with your video files not getting detected in Toufee Pro, simply convert the videos to MPEG format using Any Video Converter. This tutorial covers step by step the procedure of converting movies to MPEG. Download and Install Any Video Converter Download and install Any Video Converter from the following URL Step 1: Launching Any Video Converter Click on the Any Video Converter Professional icon on the desktop or select it from the Program Files folder in the Start menu. The Getting Started page opens which quickly lists the steps involved in the conversion. You'll find that converting with Any Video Converter is a breeze as its one of the most user friendly program that is available. Any Video Converter interface Step 2: Select the Video file Click on the Add Video button to browse and select your video. Once you have selected your video, it will be listed in the grid as shown below. 2.jpg Now select the MPEG II Movie profile from the Profile dropdown list box (see above screenshot). The Profile option is where you select the target format into which you are converting to. If you are converting to a different format, say, WMV, you can select the the same from the Profile dropdown list. Any Video Converter supports most of the formats so you can be rest assured you'll never run out of options. Step 3: Starting the conversion process When you are ready to convert, click on the Encode button. You might get a warning (like the one below) since the evaluation version supports converting upto 3 minutes. Click on Continue to Evaluate button 3.jpg The conversion process with start and you will see the progress as shown below 4.jpg Step 4: Completing and verifying the conversion process Once the conversion is complete, you will see the Completed message in the Status field. Click on the Output Folder button (on the bottom left of the screen) to open the output file and verify by playing it. 5.jpg As you saw, converting with Any Video Converter is a breeze. You should not find any problems now with uploading or converting videos for use with Toufee. Should you have any further questions, please leave a support ticket as always!

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