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eBay WizardIf you're some sort of seller in eBay, then here's your chance to woo your customers and generate more sales from your eBay store. Firstly, a change of wardrobe be in order - you need to flavor up your About page in eBay store if at all you want to be remembered by buyers. For that, just adding plain text won't do good. You need interactive content - like a Flash presentation that's not too big but does the same thing what loads of paragraph would do. That said, creating a flash presentation is not easy as typing a paragraph, but worry not, there's Toufee to the rescue. We all know (atleast those who read this blog) Toufee free flash movie maker can help create engaging flash movies easily and quickly, but there's more to it - you can create flash movies for eBay in seconds. Toufee flash movies for eBay not only improves your visibility as a seller, but also showcases your professional approach towards your sales through eBay stores. A professionally made flash presentation remarkably improves your chances of getting noticed amidst scores of eBay sellers. Go to Toufee's main webpage ( and at the left hand bottom corner, under the section called "New Stuff" is the "eBay Wizard" option that lets you create flash movies for your eBay account instantly.

eBay Wizard - Step 1Clicking on the eBay Wizard links takes you to the eBay movie creation page where are you provided with the option to create your eBay flash video. Please remember that you need to have a eBay seller account before you can use Toufee to create the flash movie presentation. Enter your eBay ID and click on Make Movie! button. Voila! your flash movie is ready. You're all set to post the movie to your eBay profile. Click on "View your eBay Movie!" to view the flash movie that Toufee created for you. The flash movie opens in a new page. Copy the link in the title bar and use it in your eBay profile page. If you need to give personal touches to the eBay flash movie just click on "Edit profile in Toufee Editor!" button (you'll get this option in the immediate page that opens up once you click on "Make Movie!" button) to launch the Toufee editor that opens the eBay flash movie for further editing. If you have any queries in creating flash video for eBay or have suggestions on how Toufee flash presentations can be used to enhance your sales prospects, leave us a comment or email Toufee support. Ganesh Toufee Support

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Hi, Its great to see how you guys are thinkin out of box to promote use of toufee tools to various business needs.. Wud luv to see such apps grow to enable simple web users take advantage of these powerful effects without hurting their pockets via pro designers.

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(Toufee Admin)

Dale, Thanks so much for the feedback. We're happy that people find Toufee really useful. We want to give them more with the new Toufee 2.0 version which is getting ready and will be released just in a few days.

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Pete Hello, I have a few websites of my own and I must say that your site is really top notch. Keep up the great work on a really high class resource.

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