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There are more bands in MySpace than the entire Toufee user base :) MySpace has been the launch pad for bands like Hawthorne Heights that later went on to do exceptionally well at the Billboard charts. Bands need visibility to get the attention of record executives and MySpace provides exactly that. But hang on, there are so many bands now in MySpace that standing out from the rest becomes crucial. That's where Toufee flash videos could really help. You need to market your band thoughtfully if you want to be in the limelight. MySpace profile pages are good, but think on what would make it better? What about an interactive flash presentation at your band's MySpace profile page that briefly tells the history of your band and all the songs that you've done till now? Or you could cook up a nice flash video with all those cutting-edge flash effects to promote your latest album. With Toufee flash movies your band's MySpace profile page is never the same. You can use Toufee flash movie maker to create flash videos that run promotional campaigns on your latest song, run an interactive flash movie quiz about your band, create teaser flash movie presentations about your upcoming projects, add flash intro effects to your song video and more! Toufee flash movie maker could add that extra advantage that you need to get your band professionally portrayed. Put your band's MySpace Profile page to better use with Toufee flash movies...with millions of MySpace users having a highly interactive flash movies based profile page would drastically improve your band's visibility. MySpace users would be tempted to check your band's profile page every single day to see what new flash video or flash movie that you've cooked up! If you have any suggestions on how bands could use Toufee flash videos to spruce up their MySpace profile, please your feedback as comments to this article.

  • 12 years ago

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