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Toufee can be applied to create flash animations for a variety of reasons - it can be a business presentation, a flash banner ad, as Splash screens for your websites, for flash-based advertising campaigns, what not? But there is one application that seamlessly fits for Toufee - its those inspirational flash movies. You would have seen thousands of such movies floating around the internet. I myself get inspirational flash videos to my email very often. So is Toufee simply about creating inspirational flash movies? Not exactly. Toufee, being a powerful online flash movie maker can take this one step further - with Toufee's powerful integration with social networking sites like MySpace, Yahoo 360, Hi5 etc., you take your inspirational messages to a wider audience. When we say Toufee is ideal for creating inspirational flash movies, we do not mean you should do them for the sake of doing it. Your flash presentation can act as a goodwill campaign to spread a social cause- your Toufee movie can be on Tsunami victims, child malnutrition in Africa, war and its effects on civilians, I can go on but the important thing is the insipiration, the desire to convey something in a powerful yet touching manner. What led me to write this post? You would have noticed that in the last few posts I've have been mostly doing articles on Toufee's feature and flash-related stuff and out of the blue I come up with this article asking you to do inspirational flash movies? The real fact is that I had this chance to look at one of the movies that Lisa created using Toufee. You can see the movie (its called "The Ultimate Yes". It deserves a thumbs up!) below:

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Open up the movie and you know what I mean (btw, don't forget to turn on the volume, the movie has a nice background piece that jells beautifully). The movie scores highly for two things - a) for the message b) professionalism (Lisa has planned the Pictures, texts and effects well in advance and executed that to perfection). Inspirational flash movies of such quality can really make a difference when delivered to the target audience. All you need is proper planning - plan the sequence (storyboard), pick the right pictures, write the scripts and most importantly dont overdo the effects (Lisa's movie is an excellent example of how to apply effects for inspirational flash movies) and when you finally created your masterpiece, don't forget to post the link to your movie (post the links here using comments) so that Toufee users get to see it Ganesh Toufee Support P.S. If you like the above movie, do make sure to check out Lisa's Blog too!

  • 12 years ago


Wow! Thanks, Ganesh for writing about my inspirational movie. It's been awhile since I created it and to hear that it's still one of the most watched movies on your website puts a big ol' grin on my face. I look forward to making more movies with your amazing software. I appreciate you writing about the value that inspirational movies hold on the internet. There's so much stuff out there that when you find something that touches your heart, brings a tear to your eye or encourages you to do something that will have a positive impact in the world, it's a very good thing indeed! Thanks again to you, San and the rest of your team for creating Toufee so that people like me could make inspirational movies easily.

  • 12 years ago

(Toufee Admin)

Thanks Lisa for the comment. We look forward to more such movies from you. You definitely rock!

  • 12 years ago


Hi, I just found another awesome movie in our gallery here: really touching.. and it did brighten my day :) Regards, san

  • 12 years ago

Jakki Degg

Jakki Degg I Googled for something completely different, but found your page...and have to say thanks. nice read.

  • 12 years ago

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