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Its been quite some time since I wrote the last blog post...I was looking to write on something useful, but the truth is, I could not come up with anything. Fed up with nothing to do, I hit the Internet. There was this old email that I forgot for so long that it took the hell out of me to clear the huge junk in my Inbox...I was doomed , no more emails I said to myself. I was browsing numerous sites, mostly related to Flash animations when I came across this link where Toufee flash movie maker was used by Quentin D'Souza to create a courseware material for his weekend presentation at KnowSchools. Quite suprisingly, a number of educators have been using Toufee to develop educational material for their subjects and even using flash movies created with Toufee to present at workshops and educational seminars. Impressive isn't it? When we created Toufee, we never thought of this possibility of using Toufee towards educational stuff. But looking at the response we've been getting from high school teachers to educational administrators, Toufee sports an ideal fit for educational applications. Why Toufee for developing online couresware? When you start using Toufee, you'll definitely know why. An online courseware application, as the name suggests, needs to be available 24x7 on the Internet so that it can be accessed by students from anywhere anytime. You need to dedicate a website that will host the courseware and this requires a domain as well as lots of space if you need to make available huge courseware or flash tutorials. This would burn your pocket as you need to shell out extra dollars for each MB from your hosting solution provider. Toufee solves all these problems for free and this has caught the instant attention of educators and educational administrators worldwide! Toufee movie maker is fully hosted online, and provides you all the space for your flash movies (i.e. the flash-based courseware) and comes completely free. Toufee movie maker has all the essential tools, features and effects required to create perfect couresware applications and online flash tutorials. Toufee flash presentations are much smaller than conventional flash movies which means your courseware becomes smaller - students across the globe find it faster to download and view. Toufee flash movies can be posted onto any webpage, so you can post the courseware on your school website or your personal University webpage. We would love to hear if anyone of you had already used Toufee to create educational coursewares or flash-based tutorials. If so, we would be delighted to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the tool to facilitate better features geared towards such needs. Also, it would be nice if you could share your flash couresware or tutorials that you did with Toufee. If you are a teacher or an administrator from the educational field and would like to know more about how Toufee can help you build online courseware you can email us at and we would be delighted to help you in that regard. Cheers Ganesh Toufee Support

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Angelina Thank you very much for all of this information you are genious keep updating.

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