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Did you know you can customize your Toufee buttons to add special links? Let say you have a button called Email Me in your Toufee flash movie. Now, when users click the button, won't it be great if by default it opens the email program with the your address in the To field? Marketers would find this handy as it would also mean that they get instant feedback on their product (assuming that they use Toufee flash movies to create flash promo). So how do you actually do it? Very simple, indeed. Select the button for which you want to create the hyperlink, and open its Properties. In the Properties window, you'll find Go To URL textbox under the Button Action option. In the textbox, enter mailto: followed by our email address...for example, Update the changes and close the window. Now when you play the movie, you'll notice that on clicking the button, your default email client will open. This feature is really useful if you at the end of the flash movie you want users to post their feedback. Customization feature is not limited to only adding your email address. You can also link your button to open up Skype or MSN applications. For example, at the end of your flash movie you could add a button "Skype Me" which on clicking will allow users to reach you through Skype. For this, you need to enter in the button URL as skype:phone followed by the Skype phone number. You can also use the same format to launch MSN messenger as well, just use msn:yourid (for example, Should you have any queries related to this article, please feel free to email at Till next time! Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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