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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

All flash movies created with Toufee Pro sports a movie-player look with all the playing controls enabled by default. The movie player skin allows easy functionality to quickly pause/stop movies or jump to specific timelines using the Timing bar. However, if you are developing a flash movie for your website or a flash banner, then you would ideally like to have just your flash movie without any sort of player or controls.  You can do so by selecting the Hide Player /No Controls option under the Player Skin / Controls submenu of the Movie menu (Movie -> Player Skin / Controls -> Hide Player / No Controls).


Settings this option removes the YouTube-like player skin from your current flash movie. If the flash movie is posted on your website, then please remember to Save and Publish your flash movie (copy the new HTML code from the publish window onto your website/blog where you've posted your flash movie) again for the changes to be reflected in your website.

The Hide Player /No Controls is not the default option, so you have to set it manually for those movies you do not wish to have the player skin.

Hope this helps, please leave your comments, if any.


  • 11 years ago

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