Did you know you can import YouTube videos?

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Hey there, hope you are doing well! Now for those of you who have used YouTube and spent hours watching your favorite videos, then Toufee does give you more reasons to be happy. Did you know you can import your favorite YouTube videos into your Toufee Flash movies? And doesn't it make for a killer flash presentation to have a video complement your Flash design? Its pretty straight-forward to add YouTube videos to your Toufee project. In your Toufee "Work Area" you will find a button called "Add Video". Click it and you'll be taken to "My Videos" section where you can manage your videos. Here you will find the option "YouTube Vids" where you can search for your favorite YouTube videos from within Toufee! and add these YouTube videos to your project at the click of a button - Toufee is that simple!. Alternatively if you know the exact link of the YouTube video you can directly paste the link and Toufee will get it for you. Further more, Toufee allows you to search videos from a specific YouTube user. If you are that kind that digs deep for videos and still can't find that in YouTube, then probably you might try Google Videos and if you're lucky and end up finding your video - well Toufee allows you to add that into your project as easily as sipping a glass of beer. So start exploring and see for yourself some cool things that you can do with Toufee! Till my next post - Cheers Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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