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With Toufee Pro, we've introduced a number of new features, and the Support system has also undergone a major overhaul. Starting with Toufee Pro, we have introduced the Support Desk system (similar to a conventional helpdesk) which will replace the old support email help@toufee.com. We kindly request all our users to post their issues/feedback using the new Support Desk system. New Support Desk system The new Support Desk system can be accessed from the Help menu (Help -> Support Desk) as shown in the screenshot. The Support Desk will act as the single-point of contact for all Support-related communications to and from Toufee. The new Support Desk allows users to easily post and track the status of all their queries. Benefits to users: 1.) Easier, quicker way to submit support queries 2.) Easy to manage and track your support queries 3.) Ability to assign priority to tickets - users can now assign priorities like Urgent, High, Medium and Low. 4.) Track status of unresolved tickets - users can make sure that their query is properly resolved before being closed. 5.) Altert emails sent to user's email address when a Support person answers/updates a submitted query 6.) Easy access to all the queries submitted to Support 7.) An integrated Knowledge Base where users can search for similar issues and view possible solutions The new Support Desk system ensures that all your queries will be answered and you no longer have to worry about unanswered emails or your emails being not handled by Support. The idea behind the new Support Desk is that users get answers to their query, quicker and easier. Please remember that as we move further, queries addressed to help@toufee.com will no longer be supported, hence we request all users to please use the new Support Desk. Thanks Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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