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One of the top features of Toufee Pro is the ability to download the flash movies as SWF file to the PC so that users can keep a copy of their work offline. This was a feature request that we regularly happened to get ever since we started work on Toufee Pro. We've finally got this incorporated into Toufee Pro and it just takes a couple of clicks to get your flash movie downloaded to your PC as SWF file. save_as_swf.JPGWhere is this option? You'll find the option under the Publish menu - select Export to Flash (Standalone SWF) and you are ready to go! A few pointers though... There are a few things that I would like you to look into to finish it up nicely. Firstly, open the Toufee movie by selecting File -> Open Existing. Let's quickly look at some options. Set Movie Size Make sure have set the Movie Size to the ideal dimension. You can set this option from the Movie menu (Movie -> Movie Size). If you are making a presentation, you would ideally want to have a bigger in which case you chose HiDef (640x480). If you are simply publishing it to the web, or hosting it on your website you have two choices - you can either go for the Set Custom Size (ideal for creating banner flash movie for your website) or choose the Video (320x240). There is also the Web Page (800x600) option but let me keep it on hold for a while as I will be covering that in my future post. Set Movie to AutoStart All Toufee flash movies are set to autostart by default, however, if you had selected the Paused at Start option, you might want to change it back to autostart since when you are saving your flash movie as SWF you'd ideally want them to start playing automatically. You can set your movie to Autostart by selecting the Automatically after load of the Movie Starts Playing option under Movie menu (Movie -> Movie Starts Playing -> Automatically after load). Configure Player Skin/Controls Again, since you are saving your flash movie to an SWF file, you'd rather prefer not to have player controls (Pause/Stop buttons, timing bar, volume control), which is fitting if you are publishing the SWF file to your website or would just like to keep it stored on your PC. Select Hide Players / No Controls of the Player Skin / Controls option under the movie menu (Movie -> Player Skin/Controls -> Hide Players/No Controls). I can guess that most of you are raring to go and download your flash movies as SWF. Hope you enjoy making flash movies with Toufee. Have fun! Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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