Toufee Flash Builder: How to Enter Hex Code in Color Palette

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The other day, I had a support ticket from a customer named Charlotte who wanted to know if its possible to enter custom hex code into the color palette. She had to create a flash banner movie and wanted to match the exact color from her company logo. She wanted to know if there is an option to enter hex code. Looking at the color palette, one may notice that this option is not easy to locate, as a matter of fact its hard to recognize to say the least. So where can one enter the hex code? If you look at the color palette, you'll see the hex code displayed for the chosen color. The rectangular area is actually a text box that you can type into. This means you can enter your own hex code and the color palette will take it. Block and Type, finally press Enter You'll notice that the text that you type in may not be visible. This is because the textbox and the font color are both white. You'll have to block the region (i.e. select the code displayed) and then type in your hex code. Remember to press Enter key after you enter the color code. Simply entering the code won't set it to the desired color. I hope this tip helps when working with your flash movies. Thanks to Charlotte for bringing this up.

  • 7 years ago

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