Flash Movie Tip: Add "Paused at Start" option to Toufee flash movie SWF files

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If you had used the Paused at Start option for your Toufee flash movies, and if you had tried to download this flash movie as SWF file to your PC and play it back, you'll notice that the "Paused at Start" option does not work anymore - the SWF file of your flash movie would just start to play. Why is it so? This is by design. The reason being when you download a flash movie as SWF, then most often then not you would want to have the SWF play automatically. That makes perfect sense. But there are instances where you might want the "Paused at Start" option to stay with your SWF flash movies as well. Here is how you do it: 1) We'll first create a copy of the original flash movie. We'll be working with this newly created copy (and not the original project...nope!). Follow the below KB article to create a copy of a Toufee flash movie project: http://www.toufee.com/support/index.php?page=kb_view&id=87 If you would like to rename the newly created movie project, then refer the following link: http://www.toufee.com/support/index.php?page=kb_view&id=88 2) Alright, looks we're ready to roll. Open the newly created flash movie project in Toufee. Before doing anything else, turn off Random Effects. Refer the following article for instructions: http://www.toufee.com/support/index.php?page=kb_view&id=68 Toufee usually adds random flash effects to new flash movie objects. As we'll be adding a flash button that will act as the Play button that will start the movie play, we do not want any kind of effect added to it by default. 3) Create a new frame by selecting Frames -> Add New Frame option. A blank frame would be added but we'll need to move this frame to the beginning so that it is the first frame of the flash movie. To do this, select Frames -> Change Frame Order. Select the Frame that was newly added. Usually frames are numbered from Frame1 to FrameN, so most of the time, the newly created frame usually has the highest frame number. Select the appropriate frame and click Move Up. Do this until the new frame moves to the top of the list 4) Now here is an important step. What we're now gonna do is mimic the original first frame of the flash movie. If you are using a common background for your flash movie, then the blank frame that you've just added will also take that background and no more action is required so you can directly jump to the next step. However, in scenarios where you are using flash movies where every individual frame is distinct (e.g. flash movie photo slides), then you need to create an exact replica of your second frame (the original first frame). To do this, select the second frame in your flash movie and select Publish -> Export Frame as JPG option. This will create a JPEG image of your frame which you can then upload to your Toufee account and add to the first frame thereby creating an exact replica. 5) Alright, what next. Two important things remain. We need to set the timing of the first frame to 1 second (yes no more than a second). To do this select the first frame, switch to the Advanced tab on the Left Panel, expand Timing (Experts Only) option. In the Frame Length field, enter 1 as the value. Also, make sure you enable the On Frame End Pause Movie option. This option is your workaround so don't forget to enable it. Enabling this will cause your flash movie to Pause as soon as soon as the frame loads since we set the timing of the first frame to 1 second thereby creating a "Paused at Start" option effect. 6) Are we done? Nope, not yet. We paused the movie alright but show we not add the option to resume the movie. Well you could argue that you can use the Play control (just beneath your flash movie) to resume playback but generally, people do not prefer the flash movie player controls on the SWF so you wouldn't find the Play button 9 out of 10 times. How do resume the playback then? Add a flash button and create a link to the second frame. Click on the Buttons option on the right panel, choose a flash button (I would prefer to choose one under the Glass category. We've found the "Glass" buttons go down nicely with most flash movies), and add it to the first frame. Double-click the button to change the text (to say "Play" or "Start" or whatever you feel like). While the button is still selected, switch to the Advanced tab on the Left Panel, expand Link To - Website / Email option. In the Link To dropdown list, select Frame as the value. in the Frame # field dropdown list, select the corresponding frame number of the second frame. That is it. You can now download your flash movie as an SWF file and you would notice your SWF flash movie will pause when loaded. The flash movie automatically resumes when you click on the button in the first frame. Hope this was helpful. See you all in my next post.

  • 10 years ago

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