Flash Movie Tip: How to Control Frame Timing

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With all the hype surrounding Toufee 2.0 and its release, I thought I'd quickly put through a post on a very useful flash movie tip. In this post, we will see how to speed up the frames and control its timing in your flash movie project. This can be set by using the Unload This Frame option  available in the Advanced Options window. To access this option, follow these steps. 1. Assume that you want slide 1 to have a timing of 4 seconds. Then, right-click the 1st frame on the left pane (all the frames in your project are listed on the left) and from the popup menu select Edit Advanced Frame Properties option. This opens the View Advanced Options dialog box for frame. 2. In the View Advanced Options window, place a checkmark on Unload This Frame feature. This opens up more options, where you will find the option Automatically after X seconds delay. X is a numerical value which represents the number of seconds the frame is displayed before it is unloaded. Repeat the above steps for other frames as well. Frame Properties
CONTROLLING SPEED OF MOVIE OBJECTS When you unload a frame with x seconds, you need to set the movie objects (i.e. text, images, buttons) in that frame to unload  along with that frame. You can set this by selecting the object and clicking on Properties buttozn (found at the top of the editor). In the Properties window, you will have something called Unload Options. Placing on checkmark on it will open further options where you will have When Frame Unloads Selecting this will unload the movie object along with the frame.

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