Flash Movie Tip: How to create a replay button for your Toufee flash movies

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First of all, to all our US customers, wish you all a happy July 4th! Now, if you've been using the Toufee flash player skin for your flash movies, you'd have noticed that there isn't a replay button. If you have to replay the flash movie, then one has to drag the slider all over to the back to be able to play again. This quite annoying not to mention that many end users of your flash movie may not necessarily be aware how to replay. So here is a quick tip to let add a button item that will act as a replay button for your flash movie. Below are quick steps: 1) On the left panel, click the 'Text &Items' option 2) Click Add Button to expand the available list of buttons. 3) Drag a button of your choice to your flash movie. Make sure that the button is placed at the very end in terms of its timing, i.e. when appears in the flash movie 4) Single-click the button so that the left panel options shows up 5) For the On Click dropdown list, select Jump to Time option. Then set a value of 0 seconds in the To Time field. This should make your button act as a Replay option for your flash movie. I hope the tip was useful. Please feel free to let us know your comments via our Support Desk (http://www.toufee.com/support) and click Submit a Support Ticket option.

  • 7 years ago

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