Flash Movie Tip: Text dropshadow effect

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Hi again This post is about a very basic tip, creating dropshadow effect for texts. Ok, let me get on to the steps rightaway 1. Login to your Toufee account, create a new flash movie project and create a new Text object. Double-click the text object to open up the Properties window. In the Properties window, deselect Frame Background, set Size to any value of your choice (in the example below, I've set it to 40) and select a color for your text (I chose white). Once done, click Update to save and close the textbox. You should now have a single text in your movie. I have pasted below the output that I got from my movie that I am using as an example for this post. img1.GIF 2. Now, right-click the text and from the popup menu select Copy This Text option. Right-click on any blank area in the frame and from the popup menu, select Paste Text in Place. Now we have two text objects, but you could see only one as the new text that we just pasted sits exactly on top of the original one. Let's call the new text object as "Text2". 3. Simply, double click on the new text ("Text2") to bring in its Text Properties window. Now, change the font size to 42, change the text color to something that contrasts (I chose black for our example) and click Update to close the dialog box. Now select the text that is on the top (i.e. Text2)  and  click Item Order button found above the movie editor. What this does is that  moves "Text2" to the back  of our  original text  thereby creating a shadow effect. All done, what do you see now? effect1.GIF Do you see a dropshadow like effect now on your text like the one on the right? The image on the right is the output that I got from Step 3. You will also get a similar output that mimics a dropshadow effect. You can also playaround a bit by changing the positions of one of the "Text2" to create variations of dropshadows (like top-right shadow, top-left, bottom-right, etc). Below are some of the dropshadow variations that I did effect3.GIF effect10.GIF Hope you find it useful. Leave your comments to this post. See you all next time! Ganesh

  • 11 years ago

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