Flash Tip: How to create effective Pan/Zoom flash movies

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Flash Pan/Zoom is an effective tool that can help showcase products, let customers do a quick drag and zoom preview and provide multiple viewing options to see and feel the product better. I'd like to discuss quick tips to produce effective Pan/Zoom flash movies that can be an effective value add to your product gallery. The first requirement is to have a high resolution image of your product. This lets customers zoom and/or pan the image to explore better. I'll start with a 800x635 image of a jewel (its not the ideal resolution but I didn't get a better royalty-free image).  The first task is to set the flash canvas area to half the size  of the original image. The rule is necessarily not half the original, you can try 2/3 if you to start with a better sized-image. It all depends on your image resolution and how much zoom you wish to allow. The reason for a high-resolution (or a very high resolution) is two things - firstly, you don't want to allow customers to zoom beyond its original size (otherwise the zoom will grain your image). Secondly, as already indicated, you'd want customers to allow enough zoom and pan to explore the product.

Step 1: Okay, so with the 800x635 image, I'll set my Flash Pan/Zoom window size to 400x314. Once the canvas size is set, you'll notice that the preview show only a portion of the image - there's still work to do

First Step - Set the Canvas size

Before we move to the next step, you might quick want to set Base Opacityunder Tweaks menu to zero if you wish to have a transparent background.

Step 2: We've got to fix the image. Expand User Interaction menu, and make sure Show Navigation is enabled (it would, as a default but just a check). 

Set the Positioning to Top Right (its most common and that's where customers expect the zoom sliders).

Set Zoom Sliders position

Now click move over to the canvas and as you hover your mouse over the top right area, you should see the Slider and Zoom controls.

Zoom Reset

Click the Show All (Reset). This fits the image inside the canvas - now it looks much better

Image Fit within Canvas

Step 3: This is where we set the zoom options. Click Advanced Customizations (on the bottom left), Expand Pan Zoom Settings. I'd prefer setting Zoom Minimum to 1 so that doesn't allow your image to go any less than its start size. For the Zoom Maximum I set it to 2, so that I zoom just 2x times the original size (so as to avoid a grained image at maximum zoom). The Pan Speed controls the pan factor when the four-way direction keys are clicked to pan horizontally/vertically. I set it to a value of 3 as I found it strikes a nice balance with the amount of Pan area that it covers without missing any details.  

And Here We Go Below is the final flash movie created using the above settings. I hope you liked the tutorial. Please feel free to post your comments. Should you have any queries, you may open a Support Ticket and I'd be more than happy to answer them.

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