Flash movies for MySpace in minutes

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If you are a MySpace user, you can do wonders to your profile with the help of Toufee! Very quickly, MySpace is the most popular social networking site on the internet. Users users can put their profile, share their interests, find friends and do lot more stuff! MySpace is all about collaboration and lots of fun. First things first...you need to create a Flash movie in Toufee before you can post it to MySpace. The movie can be a cool presentation about your profile, any product promotion (many MySpace users, who run home businesses use Toufee to design Flash animations about their service or product) or simply anything that you wish to express in a catchy way...Adding flash movies to your MySpace profile quickly catches the attention of other users who visit your profile. Ok, once you've got your movie done in Toufee, posting to MySpace is a breeze. Within the movie in Toufee, On the top right corner of the interface, you'll find a option called "Publish". Clicking on it will open a window. Here you will find option to paste your movie to your personal webpage, or to sites like MySpace, Hi5, Blogger etc...Click on the MySpace icon and Toufee will instantly open another window asking for your MySpace username and password. Enter the details and you're finished - Toufee is that simple!!!. Login to your MySpace account to find the Toufee movie on your profile page - doesn't it look cool? Your MySpace profile now gets instant recognition thanks to your eye-candy movie done with Tofuee. Toufee flash movies can turn your MySpace profiles into instant fame - you get noticed now than ever before!

  • 12 years ago


i wan to know how to upload flash movies to myspace plz. caus i have a lot of funny movies that i want everyone to see on my page

  • 12 years ago


This is a awesome summary of toufee's application. good job!! can't wait for ur next version!!!

  • 11 years ago

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