Google finds you through your Toufee flash movies

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Did you that the Toufee flash movies that you create can help you get found when Google searches for similar phrases from its database? If you're famous, Google naturally finds you. If aren't and you don't have any reference about you on the Internet and still want to be on Google Search list, worry not, there is still hope. You can become an instant hit with Google with help from your Toufee movies. Hard to believe? Its as simple as this, create a flash movie (a really good one, but hey please sign up before you can create flash videos), and if its good then Toufee users start viewing it, your flash movie gets recognized not only within the Toufee community but also by Google, the search gaint. Here is a live example. If you had read my previous blog post, you would know about the Toufee flash movie "The Ultimate Yes" created by our user Lisa. Now go to Google, and search for the keywords "The Ultimate Yes". Scroll down the search results page and see the whats the 8th result - its the "The Ultimate Yes" Toufee movie that Lisa had created. Isn't this super cool? If you look closely, Google would have returned 25 million search results for the search phrase "The Ultimate Movie" but Google puts Toufee flash movie at the top of the search list. Thats how popular Toufee is and if your flash movies are popular within the Toufee community Google will definitely recognize you and your movie as something important. So what are you waiting for? Go on and create your Toufee flash movie - it can be a simple flash presentation or a flash music video but make sure you create a hell of a movie! (Don't worry if you don't know how to make your flash movie. Once you sign-up and login, you'll find links to tutorials about creating flash videos and also high-quality flash video tutorials). The better your movie, more the chances of it getting viewed by Toufee users which increases your chances of Google finding you!

  • 12 years ago

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