Height parameter inconsistency when publishing flash movies

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When publishing Toufee flash movies to their webpages, particularly flash banners, some users have noticed that there is an inconsistency between the actual movie size (Movie -> Movie Size -> Set Custom Size option) and the Movie Size parameter value in the HTML code generated by Toufee. To better illustrate this, consider the following flash movie. This is a sample 200x250 flash banner (width = 200 pixels, height = 250 pixels). What you are looking at is the preview of the flash movie movie in Toufee MovieMaker application. In the below screenshot, you would notice the Width and Height parameters set to 200 and 250 respectively via the Set Custom Size option (Movie -> Movie Size -> Set Custom Size) However, when you publish your flash movie, notice that the Height attribute in the HTML code has the value 280 pixels instead of the original value of 250 pixels. The reason that Toufee adds this additional 30 pixels to your Toufee flash movie is because your Toufee flash movie needs to accomdate the Player Controls (Play, Pause and the Volume controls) at the bottom. This applies to all Toufee flash movies since the default setting is Web Like Player. However, if you are creating flash banners, then you would generally need no Player controls to be shown at the bottom of your flash movie. You can turn of this Player Controls by selecting Movie -> Player Skin Controls -> Hide Player / No Controls as shown in the below screenshot Now, publish your movie again, but this time you will notice that the HTML code in the Publish Movie window will have the Height parameter set to 250 pixels which is the current setting. This is actually not a bug but this is the built-in design of Toufee. If Toufee does not add the additional pixels to the Height parameter, you would not have the Player Controls when you use the published HTML code in your webpages for those movies that need the controls. However, for flash banners, following the above steps would remove the problem of the Height parameter inconsistency. Hope this is useful. Meet you then in my next post! Ganesh

  • 10 years ago

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