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Hey there! Its been exciting couple of weeks at Toufee, we have been recieving lots of press coverage from sites like Newswire Today, PR-Inside, i-newswire to name a few. That apart, the overwhelming response that Toufee has been getting from educator is simply awesome! A number of teachers have been using Toufee flash movie maker tool to create interactive learning material for their students. We've been hearing from lots of teachers who say that students are more responsive and active when taught through interactive movies using Toufee. We couldn't be more happier! As I said we keep getting lots of emails from teachers and technical instructors on how they used Toufee, some of them have been kind enough to share their experiences of using Toufee as a educational software tool. Shelley Owen is an Educational Technology Instructor with Rosemont Middle School, Glendale Unified School District. She has been extensively using Toufee to create flash movies for her middle-school students. Shelley has encouraged her students to use Toufee to create flash movies and this has worked like magic! Toufee helped Shelley's students discover their creative potential - Shelley has posted some of the Toufee flash movies that her students created at her blog - Have a look at her blog and you will see some great flash videos done by her students. Renée Maufroid is another teacher from France who has been using Toufee to prepare activity-based learning material. She has been using Toufee movies to create educational material to great effort. Just look at some of her movies posted here I have a special mention for Emmett King, who teaches for School District 99 in Cicero, Illinois. Emmett was one of the first few teachers to recognize the potential of Toufee's application in education. Emmett has been working closely with Toufee and has been contributing excellent suggestions in making Toufee more educator and student friendly. Are you a teacher who has used Toufee in your classroom activities? Do you have something to share with us on how you used Toufee for learning? Please leave your comment here or email me to You can showcase your Toufee movies that you or your students did by sending them to or posting the link of the movie as comment to this post. Till next time Ganesh Toufee Support

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Ganesh, I read your excellent blog about the use of toufee in education. I see a great potential in use of multimedia tools from web 2.0 domain for kids. This new domain has lot to offer and we have yet to realize its application in the education sector. If one is really creative - toufee has lot to offer to kids and teens to express their idea and be a part of the new revolution on web. If I were a kid, I would express lot better by making a multimedia essay on toufee, make movie on topics like science , social issues, litterature, history etc and express with full force and power. I can use any public resource and available pics, sounds etc on web to merge with my writing skills to express myself lot better , which others enjoy watching. It will not only be fun to make but also prepare me for my future career where powerpoint presentations are the mainstay to communication in work environment. So you have done a great job linking toufee to a noble cause like education. I see a great possibility in this area. Martha

  • 12 years ago

(Toufee Admin)

Hi Martha Couldn't agree more with your did a great summary of how Toufee could enhance learning and be a great value-add to exisiting methods. If you more thoughts to share in this regard, please feel free to email me at We do welcome people to contribute to Toufee Blog, so if you have useful to write about, please email me your article and I would be happy to post it! Ganesh

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