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Flash can be effectively used in business websites if it can be applied to the right content and in the right way. So whats the best thing Flash can add to a business site? Flash can deliver amazing results when its used to drive home a message, something no other form of internet media delivery mechanism can match it in terms of versatility, features and power. Business managers have realised this and are increasingly finding creative applications of Flash not only to add glamor to their site, but most importantly, deliver that most important marketing message in a compelling way that users will never cease to forget. A few years back, however, Flash movies were kept to the bare minimum in most business sites. Only after the number of Internet users grew exponentially over the last few years did business took notice of this wonderful technology. This, coupled with the ever-increasing average internet bandwidth saw businesses realign their internet strategy to account for more flash content in their sites. Key products had flash presentations that interactively put across the product features. Product advertisements became dynamic - ads were completely made as flash movies that allowed for lots of interaction. Businesses started to realize that Flash-based movies or videos reached target audiences quickly and cost-effectively than traditional media advertisements. The ROI was so impressive that many businesses started lowering their marketing budgetary exposure to traditional media and instead focused more on flash animations and flash movies as an advertisement tool on the Internet. Effective use of Flash movies in business websites can pay rich dividend if applied properly. Flash videos can add versatility to a site, its simply that extra bit of Flash content on your business website that can make a world of difference if dealt with appropriately.

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I have been reading your blogs and must complement you for ur good work! Ur writing is so simple yet so meaningful and effective!! Looking forward to reading more of ur blogs and also about various uses of toufee tool!

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(Toufee Admin)

Hi Rich Thanks so much for your comment. I am working on more topics on using Toufee, these are in the pipline. We are also nearing the launch of Toufee 2.0 in just a few days time. Once that is out, you can look for lot more articles on the new features and how to use it effectively. BR Ganesh

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