How many type of videos can I make with Toufee?

Although there is no limit to how many type of videos you can make with Toufee, we provide dedicated Wizards for 12 different type of personal and business Videos right now.

These includes:-

  1. Birthday Videos

  2. Wedding Videos

  3. Anniversary Videos

  4. Vacation Videos

  5. Event Videos

  6. Real Estate Tours

  7. How-To Videos

  8. X Ways to Videos

  9. Top X List Videos

  10. Demo Videos

  11. Review Videos

  12. Teaser/Promo Videos

Apart from these 12 styles of videos you can also create any type of custom video using our Custom Video Wizard.

Our Business Account users, can also use Advanced Editor to create different type of videos in a WYSIWYG environment.

  • 3 years ago

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