How the heck we missed that?

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A phrase that you here sometimes at the Toufee's development desk. Call it what you may, things like these are part and parcel of programming, as sometimes, you might forget simplest of features in the heat of the moment. The simplest of the things always slips even the sharpest eyes - quite honestly, they are very hard to detect for they have less chances of being noticed. But luckily for us, Toufee users save us the effort and they do a hell of a good job pointing out simple errors that we did! Maybe, we could run a contest for Toufee users to point out simple things that we might have missed in Toufee. Could you spot something? If yes, then email me what you've found at I am sure for once my mailbox will be flooded again! Waiting for your replies...hopefully my next blog post will be an interesting read of those simple things that we SIMPLY missed! Till next time Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago

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