How to access your old movies in Toufee Classic

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If you are an old member of Toufee and have used Toufee Classic (i.e. Toufee 1.0 version) to create your movies, then you might wonder where all those movies have gone since the introduction of Toufee Pro version. Worry not, for all your old "Toufee Classic" movies are very much intact if you have upgraded your membership to a paid subscription. As a special bonus, all paid members will have access to both the current Toufee Pro version plus the Toufee Classic version at no extra charge (you actually get two softwares for the cost of one and what's more, Toufee Classic is fully-functional as ever). As mentioned earlier, paid members can access all old Toufee Classic movies by clicking on the Toufee Classic link in the "HomePage" after you login to Toufee Pro as shown in the attached screenshot below toufeeclassic1.JPG Clicking on the Toufee Classic link opens the much familiar Toufee Classic version where you can access all your old flash movies.  toufeeclassic21.JPG You can actually still do a whole lot of things with the old Toufee Classic version. Toufee Classic is fully-functional which means you can edit all your old Toufee Classic movies, and republish them to your blog or to popular sites like MySpace, Hi5, Blogger etc. You might wonder why are we still keeping Toufee Classic in production? The reason being that we wanted to give all our old members the time to be able to smoothly transition over to the new Toufee Pro version. Also, we are porting few of the old effects from Toufee Classic version over to the new Toufee Pro and we would like to keep Toufee Classic running till such time we fully migrate to Toufee Pro. Besides, some old members are still getting used to the plethora of features packed in Toufee Pro, so we thought we would give them a breather to switch over :) Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 11 years ago

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