How to create copies of your flash project

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There is a need when you have to create multiple versions of the same project. And you don't see a "copy" option to simply create a copy - what do you do? Sometimes, you're short of time and you end of redoing the same flash project, all over again. Gosh, that really sucks. Okay, here is somewhat better way to make life easy. Just pop in a support ticket mentioning the name of the project and the number of copies you'd like to create and we'd be happy to do so. I do however understand that it may not work when you're short of time, but we'd get this arranged in less than a business day if that ETA would work for you. I know you're asking as to why not have the option on the Members Area. We heard it and it will be available soon in the next release.

  • 6 years ago

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