How to create flash banners with Toufee

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Flash banners are soon replacing traditional image-based advertising to become the defacto standard in online advertising. Flash banners are flexible, offer greater effect, supports interactive content, etc.  Given  so many advantages one might still wonder why you still find image-based ads? The reason is that creating flash banners requires a decent knowledge of working with flash.  With Toufee, you can create flash banners just as easily as you would do normal flash movies. Follow these simple steps to create your flash banner. For creating your flash banner you need to resize your flash movie to match one of the standard banner sizes (i.e. 468 x 60, 768 x 90  are some of the standard sizes used now). For resizing your flash movie, open the Optimize Movie window. This option is found on the top right corner of your Toufee flash movie editor. This opens the Optimize Your Movie window. Select Advanced tab. Here you will find the option to change the Height and the Width of your Toufee flash movie. Please note that doing flash banners with Toufee require you to resize your images, videos so that it fits within the flash banner. So plan your images and chose the dimensions accordingly so that it fits within your flash movie. You can easily resize your images with Toufee flash movie editor.  Once you select an image you will find "drag-points" around the image. Select a point and resize your image accordingly. Once you have changed the size of your flash movie, you can start working on the flash banner as you would normally do with any other Toufee flash movie.

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