How to delay start of background music in Toufee flash movies

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We're sometimes hit with questions from our users (many of them flash designers and advanced flash users themselves) that lead us to think how customers are using Toufee Flash Movie Maker to create complex flash movies that we never though of. This post is the result of a recent query from a customer who designs flash websites with Toufee. This customer had a specific requirement where he wanted to delay the start of background music that is added to the flash movie. Though there is no option that does this straightaway, Toufee Flash Movie Maker with its hundreds of features certainly provides workarounds that can come in handy. The solution I really didn't know how to delay the start of the background music until one of my senior colleague told me the trick. The idea is to add the background music to an invisible text object instead of the entire flash movie. Once the background music is added to the text object, set it to show after x seconds (i.e. how many seconds you want to delay the background music) and set its timing so that it is "live" throughout the playing time of the whole flash movie. Step-by-Step So here is how you go about doing it:

  1. Place an "empty" text object in the first frame of the flash movie. If you're not able to leave it empty, then use input the period symbol (.) as the text and set the Font Size to 1 so it is visible the least.
  2. Set the color of the text to match the background of the flash movie frame so it creates a near invisible effect.
  3. Set the text object such that it loads along with the second frame but is played the entire length of the movie. To do this, click on the text object, switch to the Advanced tab on the Left Panel, expand Timing (Experts Only) option and make sure the settings look like below:Show It: 5 secs (the delay time before the background music starts to play) After: Frame1 shows Then Hide It: Custom... Hide After: Total Playing Time - Timing of First Frame (Assuming a total playing time of 32 seconds, and the timing of the first frame is 2 seconds, then you would enter 30 seconds)
  4. Add the background music to the text object, i.e. Hold the SHIFT key, drag and drop the audio file over the text object. This adds the music to the object so that the music plays as long as the object is shown on screen.
Hope this is useful. Again, it is you, our customer, that really keep Toufee Flash Movie Maker kicking. It's your queries on creating flash movies and about the various flash movie features in Toufee that makes us push up the bar everytime. And we only hope it keeps rising.

  • 10 years ago

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