How to delete flash movies from Toufee?

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We've been receiving hundreds of requests every week for the option to Delete flash movies...if you look at it, it is one of the most simplest of options but Toufee didn't have the Delete option for a while - sounds weird isn't it? Well, the reason for that is a pretty interesting story which I will save for a future post but hey, we've added the Delete option now...have you noticed? Edit Movie dialog box Once you login to your Toufee account and click on edit, you will be presented with a screen from where you can select your existing projects. Notice this carefully as you now have two new options - Show Preview and Show Advanced Options. Select Show Advanced Options and you will find the Delete This Movie option using which you can delete the flash movie that you no longer require.

  • 12 years ago

Bob Grubb

Hey - Many thanks . This will put me and many others back in the ball game. Your have a great thing going. Thanks againl bob

  • 12 years ago


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