How to download Toufee flash movies as AVI, MOV and MP4 video files

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As part of the ongoing release of new features, we've introduced the option to download your flash movies in more video formats, especially the AVI format. Previously, the only option was the FLV download, but there has been ever growing requests for AVI and MOV. So here is how to get them. The following step assume that you're at the Publish movie screen and that you've clicked the YouTube download option. For detailed steps on how to get to this option, please refer the KB article 1) When you click the YouTube download option, you'll receive a video download link to your email. Once you receive the download link, you'll have to append the .avi extension as follows: For example, if your download link is The remove .html extension at the end and replace it with .avi as follows If you need to download the video in MOV, or MP4 formats, then replace with .mov and .mp4 respectively. I hope this feature is useful. As I've been mentioning in the previous posts, we are working on new features for Toufee and you can expect the updates in the blog.

  • 7 years ago

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