How to download your Toufee flash movie as SWF

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In this article, I'll quickly walk through the steps involved in downloading your Toufee flash movie as a standalone SWF flash file. Though the process is straightforward, let me show you the various ways you could download the flash movie as a SWF file. Let's begin right away. SWF download process

  1. To export your flash movie, select Publish -> Export to Flash (Standalone SWF) option from the main Toufee menu
  2. The Downloading SWF file dialog box should open.This will be followed by an Open dialog box that should prompt you the location to save the SWF file.  Browse the directory in your computer and click Save. That should complete the download process. However, if the Open dialog box does not appear then proceed to step 3.
  3. If for any reason you do not get the Open dialog box, click Save As button found in the Downloading SWF file dialog window (shown above). This will initiate the download of the SWF file as a zip file.
  4. You would now need to uncompress or unzip the zipped file. For this, you would require a free utility such as WinZip, WinRAR etc. If you have Windows XP or Vista, then there is a built-in feature that will extract zip files simply by right-clicking on it
  5. Upon successfully extracting the zip file, you should see the SWF file in the same folder (if you extracted by selecting Extract Here option) or in the target folder that you extracted the flash movie SWF file.
Manual download of Toufee Flash Movie SWF file If clicking the Save As in step 3 did not intiate download of the zipped file, then you could follow the manual approach to saving the SWF file of your flash movie. Here is how:
  1. In the Downloading SWF File dialog window, click on Copy URL!. This will copy the URL of the SWF file in memory.
  2. Open Firefox, and enter the URL in the browser address bar and press Enter key. This will then open the SWF file of the flash movie in the browser window. Select Save Page As option to save the SWF file.
If using Internet Explorer, then you would have to do the following. After pasting the URL in Internet Explorer's address bar, select Tools -> Internet Options Under Temporary Internet files section, click on Settings button In the Settings dialog box, click on View Files button The Temporary Internet Files folder on your local computer should open. Search for the SWF file, right-click it and select Copy Paste the SWF file into any folder and you now have the SWF file of your Toufee flash movie ready. You can publish the SWF file to your webpage. For the HTML code to use embed the flash movie SWF file in your webpage refer the following KB article: Hope this was useful. See you all again in my next post.

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