How to make an AutoRun CD for your Toufee Movie SWF

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This is an archived Blog Article referencing an earlier version of Toufee. These articles are maintained for the sake of posterierity. Information presented on these pages mat not apply to this new version of Toufee.

Toufee Pro flash movies can be used to make great Autorun CDs which can be used for a variety of applications like custom-made birthday CD specially for a friend, a corporate flash presentation, video tutorials, etc.

Step 1: Export your flash movies to SWF This is the most basic step, you have to get your Toufee Pro flash movies from Toufee's server onto your PC. The step by step procedure of exporting flash movies to SWF has been covered in the following blog post.

Step 2:  Convert your SWF file into an EXE Autorun files need to be EXE to work. Your SWF flash movie needs to be converted into a self-executable EXE file so that it runs automatically when the CD is loaded without having to launch another program to open it (which is generally the case with a SWF file).There are a number of free utilities that can convert your SWF file to an EXE. One such program called SWF to EXE 3.0 from Brothersoft can be downloaded from this UR

Step 3: Create the AUTORUN.INF configuration file An autorun CD contains the AUTORUN.INF configuration file that contains information on what program needs to be launched when the CD is inserted. The format of the autorun.inf file is as below [autorun] OPEN=FlashFile.exe ICON=Icon.ico Open a blank Notepad file, type the above lines (replace FlashFile.exe with the name of our flash movie exe file that you just created). The ICON.ico is for if you want the CD drive to display a specific icon file you've included, if not leave that line out. Save this file as "Autorun.inf"

Step 4: Burn the files to CD Copy the flash movie .exe file and the autorun.inf (that you created in the last step) and burn them onto a blank CD. Please make sure that you put both the .exe and .inf files in the root of the CD. Once the data is tranfered, test the CD and your Toufee flash movie should now popup automatically - looks cool isn't it?

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