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I love the animation movie Cars - the movie has some of the best animation, stunning visual effects and superb attention to detail. My love for the movie doubled when I watched the video of how the movie was made, from conception to the final movie as we see it today. Now if you watch the making of Cars you would know why - these guys are simply amazing, right from the character modeling, storyboarding to visual effects, every bit of the "behind the scenes" stuff was exactly translated into the movie without the least change - perfect as per the plan, not to forget the painstaking detail that would have gone into all the work behind Cars. One moment...why the heck am I writing all this here? Am I not supposed to write something about how to make flash movies? I am, and I will talk about that in just a moment. Talking about the movie Cars, what made it a big success? One can attribute the success to a number of factors - technical brilliance, detail, but if you ask me I would say two things - planning (being clear of what is expected) and personification - I saw each and every toy in the movie as just another person, a character so easily you can identify and associate with. That’s what made the movie special. The makers of Cars gave life to the toys by making it goddamn real and personal!

Ok, so whats my point? The point is a) plan your flash movies b) make it personal...infuse life into your flash videos. Give it that personal touch - sometimes making a flash movie presentation is less of skill and more of an art. Think as if you are creating an art, a masterpiece - you expect nothing but the best. There is a big difference in making a flash movie and making a flash movie that stand out and speaks for itself. Having flashy effects in your movie is cool, but not worth if it doesnt deliver. Even the effects that you use in your flash video decides how well your movie can make that impact. Carefully chosen flash effects coupled with the sound and images can infuse that personal connection between the flash movie and the audience. This is what I mean when I say making a lasting flash presentation. Never let someone see your movie as just another flash presentation. Your flash movie should make an impact, should drive home your message loud and clear and in a manner unique that will make your movie stand out from the rest.

  • 12 years ago

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