How to make Toufee flash presentations work with Apple iWeb

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Toufee on Mac is something interesting. We have a fairly good number of users of Toufee coming from the Mac platform and its high time that I write something that can be really useful. Actually, I got a query to Toufee Support on how to make flash presentations made with Toufee to work with iWeb and I though this better get into the blog so that other Mac users would find it helpful. Before I start, for those of you non-Mac users who are left wondering what iWeb is - iWeb is a website creation tool, very easy, template-driven (you can easily chose from list of website design templates, replace the content with yours and bingo you have your site!) website creation tool that allows any Mac users to create a website in minutes (sounds like Toufee...;) ) Now to the problem - Toufee works like a charm in the Mac platform, you create your flash presentations, your flash movies plays perfectly when you preview, but the problem starts when you want to post the flash video to your personal website that you created with iWeb. iWeb does not directly allow one to edit the HTML code of the webpages - which means if you want to publish your Toufee movie, you copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage done with iWeb. There is a very simple alternative to the problem. Once you finish creating the webpage with iWeb, open the same webpage in a text editor (TextEdit is the standard text editor in Mac, but just about any text editor will do). Once you open your iWeb webpage with a text editor, you are presented with the HTML code. From here on, its one easy ride. Simply paste the Toufee HTML code after the <BODY> section and save the changes. Remember, you need to do this step before you Publish your iWeb webpage...edit your webpage with the text editor, paste the Toufee HTML code, save changes, and finally Publish your webpage that you created. Hope this would be of some help. Till next post Ganesh Toufee Support

  • 12 years ago


I want to insert in iweb do I "open the same webpage in a text editor"? Please give me more details on how to do this.. Thank you

  • 12 years ago


Dear Mr Ganesh ! Toufee has done wonders for me ! I had a query has to how can I save the projects that I create online to my system ! Looking forward to your reply ! Thanks a lot

  • 12 years ago

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