How to run a SWF file on my PC?

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Toufee Pro's most popular feature, besides the hundreds of new preset effects, enhancements and new options is the ability to export flash movies to standalone SWF files which allows your flash movies to be played independently on any PC or Mac platform without the need to access Toufee Pro MovieMaker. [If you are unsure how to export Toufee flash movies to SWF, please refer the following Toufee Blog article]

Running SWF files on PC 1. SWF (Shockwave Flash) files can be opened by an standard browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc., Simply drag and drop the SWF file into a browser window and the SWF file will automatically play. 2. SWF can also be run standalone if you have converted the SWF files into EXE files, I'll cover more on this in the next post. 3. Some SWF files (like Toufee Pro flash movies) require that you have the latest Adobe Flash 9 plugin to run properly. While most browsers do have the latest flash plugin installed automatically, it is always advisable to have this downloaded from the following URL

Problems running SWF files The most common problem with running SWF file is directly related to not having the latest Adobe Flash plugin. Installing the latest flash plugin resolves this most of the time. In some cases, a corrupt SWF file may also not run properly, and this can be corrected by redownloading the file. Ganesh

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