How to set manual replay option to your Toufee flash movies

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Ever since the release of Toufee Pro, the online flash movie maker pplication has gone through a number of major and minor changes. One such major change was the migration to online video conversion , i.e. where you simply submit your flash movies to be converted to AVI format (via Publish -> Export to YouTube option), a process which replaced the old Toufee Desktop Convertor program. There are a lot of improvements on the "backend" as well; we've extended video codecs support so you will no longer have any issues with your video files uploaded to Toufee and also the Text effect engine has undergone a major overhaul. On the SWF front, there were a number of improvements to the core SWF builder engine. So all in all, the Toufee Pro moviemaker is now much more improved in architecture and scalability. That's just a glimpse of what we've done to improving Toufee flash movie maker application in the past few months, but are a lots of other updates which I'll cover in my future posts. All right, I can sense what you are wondering. What about the post? How do we create flash movies with a manual replay option? Well, for those of you who do not know about the auto-loop that Toufee supports, here is how you enable it for your Toufee flash movie. Select Movie -> Movie Play Settings -> Movie Stops Playing -> Never (Rewind and Restart Play) This is a nice feature to have, but something better would be the option like Click to replay option, the users viewing the flash movie could use to replay the flash movie if you want. Though this option is not built-in (for the right reasons, since its easy to create this manually),  here is how you can add manually this option to the flash movies that you create with Toufee. 1.  Open your flash movie in Toufee, and select the last frame to display it in the moviemaker stage 2. Switch to the last frame of your flash movie and add a text object with the text "Click to replay" 3. With the "Click to replay" text selected, selected the Advanced tab from the Left Panel, expand Link To - Website / Email option as shown below 4. In the Link To dropdown list select Frame as the option and for the Frame # dropdown list, select Frame1 (or the first frame in your movie). 5. Click Save button to save the changes and replay the movie. That its, you now have a custom replay text (or a button) to replay your Toufee flash movies. You no longer have to worry about creating flash movies but not having a manual replay option, for now you know how. Till next post, Ganesh

  • 10 years ago

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