How to show flash movie objects through the flash video

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Today, we will look at a handy tip that might probably be useful when creating presentation-type flash movies, i.e. for flash videos primarly used for business presentations. We will look at how to show a flash movie object, for example, a text or an image (your company logo perhaps) throughout the entire playing time of the flash movie. Why would you want it that way? Assume you create a flash video about your product and you want your "product logo" or a product tagline to show through the movie. This is also useful when doing a business presentation where you want to have the topic or the "title" to show across all the slides. While there is no direct way to place a flash movie object on all frames (yes, you can place the same object on all the frames but this increases the movie size), but there is a workaround. For example, if your movie plays for 220 seconds, then set the timing of the text object to 220 seconds and voila, your text will show the entire 220 seconds and that way, we create the effect as though the object was present in all the frames. Enough said, let's look at an example. Assuming we have a text object in our movie which we want to show for 220 seconds (i.e. the movie playing time is also assumed to be 220 seconds), then here is what to do

  1. Select the text, and from the Left Panel (click on the Star icon on the left of your screen if you do not see the Left Panel), select Advanced tab
  2. Expand Timing (Experts Only) option.
  3. In the Then Hide it field, select Custom... from the dropdown list box
  4. Enter the number of seconds (playing time of your movie) in the Hide After: field (see screenshot below)
  5. Click Save button on the top right to save the changes
That's it. Your text should now show throughout your flash movie play. It's just a matter of extending the timing of the object. Hope this was useful. As always, please forward all your queries, suggestions and concerns to Till next time, God bless! Ganesh

  • 10 years ago

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