How to use HTTPS URLs in your Toufee flash movies

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In this brief article, we'll be looking at how to use HTTPS URLs in your Toufee flash movies. Though Toufee flash movies support HTTP and HTTPS URLs, some users run into issues when using hyperlinks in their flash videos. To overcome this problem, we'll be using a free service called TinyURL, that takes an URL as an input (generally, a lengthy URL, for example, something like and converts this into a tiny URL of the form say (just as the name suggests!). Before I run you through how to get this working, for those who do not know how to add hyperlinks, I would suggest that you please refer the following KB article that shows how to add hyperlinks when you create a flash video. Assuming that you are now familiar with adding hyerlinks to your Toufee flash movies, here is how you shorten your URL using TinyURL

  1. Go to
  2. In the very first page (i.e. the Homepage), you'll see a textbox that says Enter a long URL to make tiny:
  3. Enter your URL into the textbox and click on Make TinyURL! button
  4. You'll see a new page open with your newly created TinyURL. Copy the new TInyURL
  5. Switch over to Toufee, select the object for which you wish to add hyperlink, switch to the Advanced tab on the Left Panel, expand Link To - Website / Email option. In the Link To dropdown list, select Website and enter the newly created TinyURL in the URL textbox.
If you ever have problems with using hyperlinks in your flash movies, then try using TinyURL. This feature is also very useful when you want to add HTTPS or very long URLs. Hope this helps. See you all in my next post! Ganesh

  • 10 years ago

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